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Anxiety Disorder In Children

Here is one more review all about Anxiety Disorder In Children: Seeking treatment for Separation Anxiety Disorder In Children
If the child’s separation anxiety disorder becomes worse, it may be advisable to have the child undergo a more extensive treatment. Don’t take the burden of helping the child solely on your shoulders. Help should be sought from all sources, such as doctors, therapists, teachers, school authorities and staff, and the family. Treatments can be different types and of varying degrees. read more Anxiety Disorder In Children

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What is Child Anxiety?

Just like adult anxiety, children can also suffer from anxiety. In fact, anxiety in children should be expected at specific times during development and is in those cases regarded as normal (for example, the first day of school). Some children may also suffer from excessive shyness and may struggle to adjust to new situations.

They may not yet have the ability to vocalize their feelings, nor the coping skills needed to manage them – making their fears and anxiety even more difficult for them to cope with.

Most children have short-lived fears, and quickly grow out of them as they learn through experience that there is no real danger in the things they fear. For example, a child will learn that there are no monsters under the bed or that when mom leaves for work, she will come back at the end of the day. This is regarded as a routine part of development.

Some children are more anxious than others and may need additional reassurance or help from a professional, especially if an Anxiety disorder is suspected. Anxiety becomes a problem if it begins to affect your child’s daily routine and functioning or if it is causing your child significant distress. read more

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Anxiety Tests & Diagnosis

Many conditions contribute to the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety. You might feel anxious because of an underlying disorder that you did not previously know about, or you may feel anxious because of a phobia or state of mind. Because the condition is complex with ambiguous causes, the task of diagnosing anxiety is oftentimes a challenge for medical professionals.

Anxiety disorders are chronic conditions that cause repeated patterns of behavior. You may have experienced symptoms for a number of years, or your anxiety attacks may have begun after a traumatic event such as an illness or death of a loved one.

Clinical depression is common among anxiety patients, so it can be difficult to distinguish which condition is predominant. If you have anxiety, especially because of posttraumatic stress disorder, you may have a diminished sex drive, experience premature ejaculation, have problems of erectile dysfunction, or feel pain during intercourse. These symptoms are common among men and women.

Although these symptoms may be difficult for you to confront and talk about, you should discuss them with your doctor. To make an accurate diagnosis, you should be honest about any unusual symptoms, even if you don’t think they are related to anxiety. read more

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