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Baby shower themes for unisex

Selecting a shower theme can be a horrendous task.  There seems to be no end to planning for the shower. You think you’re done when along comes another “minor” detail which was overlooked. This is your first baby shower and you want it to be perfect. After all, who can say when you will have an opportunity for another baby shower?  First and foremost, you need to decide on the theme of the baby shower. All other preparations hinge on the motif. The decorations, food and even entertainment will depend on the theme.  Here are a few suggestions that might help you set up a successful baby shower.

The first question that comes to mind is the sex of the baby. The theme should accentuate the sex of the baby. Balloons area given accessory to any party and they should reflect the sex of the baby. Pink balloons for a girl and blue balloons for a boy. You can always play safe and pick a neutral color like green or yellow.

There are so many wonderful themes to select from that it becomes a headache just trying to decide on one. Dolls and tea party motif are common motifs for girls. Western and sports are good themes for boys. This is a major decision point since everything else depends on the theme. Play safe and choose a non-gender theme, like animals. You can stage a farm or Noah’s Ark party and have animals as the theme for the baby shower. Babies like stuffed animals and you can always make use of them as protection on the sides of the crib. As the baby grows older, you can give the bigger stuffed animals for them to squeeze and toss around. The baby starts recognizing the different animals at a very early age. The baby may become accustomed to animals and will not be overwhelmed or afraid of them as they grow up.

The more common stuffed animal are bears but there are a lot of other stuffed animals like ducks, lambs and elephants. If the guests are in the groove, you can ask them to come in animal costumes. The guests will all be adults and it would be entertaining for them to take part in the theme too. Have animal cookies available. You can also provide giveaways in the form of tiny animals.


Cherubs make for a unique theme. They are normally presented as little cupids. Angel cake goes well with this theme. Entertainment such as clown shows or animal tricks can also be part of the theme. It provides a form of alleviation for the guests and it allows you time to organize and coordinate other aspects, such as the food and drinks. Be methodical and tick off the things that have been addressed.

Whatever the theme, don’t lose track of the celebrant. The most important message in the party is that you are bringing a young one into the world and from the very start, you want to be sure the person is more than welcomed into the family and into the world.  This is the main intent for the baby shower and it should be foremost in everybody’s mind.  Take pictures not just to remind you of the memorable day but to show your child when they’re grown up and planning their own baby shower.

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