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How can you safely and effectively surface clean baby toys without ruining them?

My son has toys that crinkle, chime, play cute little tunes, rattle, have all sorts of different kinds of textures, etc. that I really do not want to ruin for him. I was thinking of maybe just wiping them off with a washcloth soaked in a solution...

Where can I buy toys around/outside of Philadelphia?

Where can I buy toys (barbies) around philadelphia or within two hours around philadelphia, PA? Maybe a large mall or shopping center? What are some good ones?–>Other baby gift ideas sites onlineSocial Media Marketing Philadelphia...

What is the safest way to clean baby toys?

My baby is 7 months and she puts ebrything in her mouth. I want to clean her toys with Lysol or Clorox wipes, is that safe? or should I clean them with soap.–>Other baby gift ideas sites online

Does anyone know where I can buy toys that will go on the bar of my baby's Fisher-Price bouncer?

I bought my 3 month old baby a baby bouncer on eBay and it was a great deal, brand new in the box, but the 2 toys it has on it are kind of boring. It has a little orange kitty rattle on one side of it and a little blue puppy rattle on the other...

Where can i go to buy inexpensive toys?

is there anywhere even cheaper then walmart? i want to buy toys for boys, i don’t have a lot of cash.–>Other baby gift ideas sites online

Is anyone else scared to buy toys besides me?

Christmas is comming and all I can think of is the recent recalls. I dont know whats safe to buy anymore. Im sure there more toys with lead we havent heard of yet.–>Other baby gift ideas sites onlineWinter Wonderland Ringtone |...
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