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Your Questions About Baby Clothing

Donna asks…

Where can I find bulk baby clothing?

I am looking to add stones and embellish baby clothing for boutique style clothing, but I obviously don’t want to pay retail price for clothes. I need to be able to put a mark up on it. Where can I find plain jeans and tops at wholesale prices????

Pilar Estefana answers:


Type bulk or lot in the baby clothes section

Betty asks…

Is it okay to buy baby clothing off of ebay?

I am having a baby in November and am trying to save money where ever possible. My in laws don’t want my buying baby clothes used but I see nothing wrong with it. Is it okay for me to be buying most of my baby stuff used? Besides the car seat, is there anything I shouldn’t buy used? Thank you.

Pilar Estefana answers:

It is completely fine to purchase “used” items. I am not sure why they are telling you not to viagra canada. Clothes CANNOT and DO NOT carry any type of disease. Just be sure to wash them and in baby detergent such as Baby All, Tide HE unscented, or Dreft so it will not give your baby a rash or allergic reaction do to the strong chemicals .

I personally purchased almost all of my childrens clothes used and mostly off of craigslist and EBAY. You can also purchase alot of new items on EBAY for fantastic prices.

You can purchase a used carseat HOWEVER you MUST make sure it has not ever been in an accident. We purchased our stroller set which included a stroller and carseat off of craigslist for $50 (regular price is $200) and the only reason the lady was selling it so cheap is because she did not like the set. It was BRAND NEW and she used it literally for 3 days (her son was 2 weeks old at the time we purchased it).

Hope this information helps !

Ruth asks…

What did you do with outgrown baby clothing & diapers?

My son did not get a chance to wear many of his new (but washed) clothes and we have opened packs of diapers. I know we may have another baby someday, but we are not certain when that will be. I am hesitant to give them all away, but am not sure how long I will store them.

Just wondering what other mommies did with their baby‘s outgrown items.


Pilar Estefana answers:

In my case I won’t be having another child due to pregnancy complications I have. If you are even thinking about having another baby I would keep the clothes and diapers, but I either have rummage sales and make money off of them or donate them to mothers to be in need.

Sandy asks…

what is the best way to sell my infant-baby clothing ? iwant to make $$?

We are moving out state by april . I am trying to make some money but not sure what the best choice(most of the clothing are brand names and look very nice
) . Iwas thinking to sale my baby on my next Garage sale, Ebay or send my baby clothing to ounce upon child .
how much would the give me for gently clothing?
any advice? i open for suggestions….. thanks you!

Pilar Estefana answers:

Different Idea and Suggestion

You may want to do some of this now, and you may want to take some of the clothes with you on your move so that you can start up in your new place.

A lot of cities/towns are having consignment sales. Where there are various consignment sales all over town done only twice a year. They have different names, and locations as they are different companies and people. (Usually owned and ran by a couple of stay at home moms. It’s a beauty because the work is only twice a year.) Once for Spring/Summer and once for Fall/Winter clothing. They will also sell toys,books, equipment, videos, furniture, you name it.

Normally there is an advertisement fee of like $3.00 that you pay, then you pay 10 or 15% of your item that was sold. Those fees come out of the check you receive after the sale.

Now the BIG trick. Because the sale is owned and run by two housewives, they need people to work and they need merchandise. How do they get them and afford them?

The workers volunteer so that they are the FIRST people allowed to shop the merchandise. Before anyone else gets their hands on it, they choose it first.

Now, if you don’t have time to work, then the next best thing is to see it second before it’s open to the public. So if you put items into the sale, you see it next. So Consignors, are the SECOND people in to shop the merchandise. Get there about 15-30 minutes early. There will be a line forming. This again, is before it’s open to the public. You’ll get to grab the name brands before the public gets to see them.

I have always gone with the consignor’s way in, and I’ve never been dissapointed. I’m also never dissapointed with the check that I get back. It’s worth it, even if you decide not to sell all your items in this way. Just to get in, and shop for you child. There are different ones that have different restrictions. Some are very good on the no holes, no stains, in great condition, others aren’t. So it depends on what you are looking for.

I hope I helped a little. I’ve been doing this for years, and I’ve never been disappointed in what I’ve bought, or the checks that I’ve gotten. By the way, if you don’t sell something, you can come pick it up afterward or you can choose to donate it.

Robert asks…

Do you feel bad for buying used clothing for your baby?

I am pregnant with my first baby and am very crunched for money. So, I’ve been going to consignment stores and buying second hand baby clothes. A part of me feels bad because I can’t get my baby new things. Do you think my son will feel ashamed that I am buying used clothes?? For moms who have bought used clothing: Do you feel bad about it??

Pilar Estefana answers:

Not at all!!

Most of my daughters clothes are second hand. They do sell some cute things at Family Dollar, and Dollar General. Even Walmart has cheap outfits! But for the most part, I go to little shops for babies, but second hand ones. That way, I buy ‘nicer’ (And you can find really nice things in those shops) things for her birthday, ect.

Save money now! :)


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