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Your Questions About Baby Clothing Patterns

David asks…

Knitting patterns for baby?

Was wondering if anyone had any good knitting patterns for clothes or blankets? I’m wanting to make a baby blanket in particular, one that’s really thick and plush. Got any recommendations or links for me? :)

Pilar Estefana answers:

Go to this web site it has couple of patterns for blankets, outfits,coats and more. hope u like it

George asks…

Where can I find some easy and free patterns for sewing baby items? I am buying a sewing machine tomorrow.?

I mam buying a sewing machine tomorrow, I would like to be able to make some easy gifts for a mommy to be, and myself. my co worker and i are both pregnant. I would like to be able to make bibs, booties, hats, blankies, even a sleeper or simple clothes set. Where could I find free, easy patterns? Or even cheap ones from a craft store?

Pilar Estefana answers:

IMHO, the best gift you can give yourself is a copy of KwikSew’s Sewing for Baby, which is a combination of patterns and sewing instruction. The KwikSew books may look a little expensive, but the patterns are well drafted (which makes sewing SO much easier) and they’ll teach you some very useful skills along the way.

(and you can move on to Sewing for Toddlers and Sewing for Children as your kids get older).

Richard asks…

Does anyone have any ideas or patterns of clothes for babies/toddlers?

Some relatives of mine are trying to adopt a second child. They already have one adopted child. I want to sew them things like booties, hats, and clothes. Does any one have any ideas?

Pilar Estefana answers:

I don’t but on etsy.com you can buy patterns for really cheap.
They have really cute ideas too, makes me wish I knew how to sew.

Robert asks…

does anybody know what website i can go to and find crochet patterns for babies for free?

im looking for patterns that can be mailed to my house for baby clothes and toys that are free

Pilar Estefana answers:

LoveToKnow Crafts

Joseph asks…

I want to make a quilt out of my daughters baby clothes. like pieces. anyone have a pattern etc?

I had this thought in my head i know its probably not original but if its not that is ok maybe someone can show me how. i want to take pieces of my daughters outgrown baby clothes you know the special things and make a quilt. now i was thinking of a bigger square as the back ground and a smaller square in the middle with the baby material. now i have watched quilting shows and they just usually put sides on the square to make it look like a bigger on the bottom but is it ok to do it the way i said? oh and i have never made a quilt but have watched my mom for years and no i cant ask her for help. Thanks for any help.

Pilar Estefana answers:

That is very sweet!
Ok now what i have done is this:
say you have a dress or socks?
Or hats? Now as painful as it is to cut them you have to depending on the size of the block.
Say you have a flowered dress? The block has to be a solid color in contrast to set off the dress piece.
Applique it to the block
cut the dress in half if you want to save the whole dress just make a quilt with colored blocks and use the front of the dress on the quilt.
Then use the back on it too. .
Plus a hat & her socks and her baby cloth shoes…
Like a image of her [but it is only her clothes. ]
also you can make some nice wall hangings from them little quilts

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