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Your Questions About Source Magazine

Donna asks…

is it possible to sell old magazines on ebay?

i mean, do people buy old magazines like (the source) ?? if so how much does ebay charge to post something on their website?? i have lots of the source magazines, do they have any value?? just wondering……..

Pilar Estefana answers:

Ya i have seen people selling magazines on there all the time. It would be really good if you sell them in bulk, so people would want them more. I have no clue about the charge to post, but it probably says on the website.
Good luck :)

Chris asks…

Evidence to help support points about why prisoners should not be allowed to vote?

I’m in eighth grade and we are writing a persuasive essay in class.
My topic is about prisoners being able to vote and my position is they should not be able to. The three points I have are that they shouldn’t be able to vote because they made bad choices and so we can’t trust their judgement, that they have influenced the society in a bad way so they shouldn’t be able to influence it further cuz they have a lack of respect for it, and that they shouldn’t be able to have rights like voting or there will be no motivation to change.
I need loads of evidence to support these points and I need to cite the sources, so please list the source! Books/magazines/websites/articles are helpful!
Thanks in advance, and I need this by tomorrow.

Pilar Estefana answers:

It is ironical that the points you raise are exactly the same comments made about many politicians and yet we have to vote for them. Particularly here in the UK after the corruption scandal over expenses a few years ago. But its back to business as usual for them here. (They are about to try and vote themselves a 35% pay raise).

You have a tough job. In Europe (apart from the UK but not for long) it is seen as a violation of human rights for adults not to be able to vote, including those in jail. Jail here is seen, not as a punishment, but as a chance to re-form and get back into society.

Linda asks…

How do you write in-text citations in MLA format?

I’m writing a research paper and I don’t know how to write citations for internet sources and magazine articles

Pilar Estefana answers:

Internet sources u write the last name of the person who rowte it..for example say the authors name was Mcfarlane u would do it like this (McFarlane)

John asks…

Where can I find a magazine article online on bridges?

I’m doing a science fair project on bridges and the class criteria states that I need at least two magazine sources. I really want to get some notes on how bridges are made. I’ve looked everywhere for free online magazine sources, but none of them seem to have anything on bridges in general. Anything about bridges in general would be greatly appreciated, and it has to be a magazine article. I also need to cite my source in my bibliography, so I need a source that has citing on it. Thank you for the help.

Pilar Estefana answers:

I would go through the archives of magazines like Time and Newsweek. There is an online magazine called Bridges also.

Mandy asks…

Can I legally scan an article or picture from a magazine and post it online?

I want to scan reviews from a magazine and post the article online. The source is from a magazine that is a decade old. The articles contain text and pictures. Is posting them online legal? I am from the US

Pilar Estefana answers:

If the magazine is still being published, you might need to obtain permission first. Check the copyright on the article and the magazine.

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