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Baby Changing Table

When you are thinking about buying for your new baby, you may think about some of the items your parents used when you were a baby, or perhaps you remember the nursery for your younger brother or sister. One thing that was in almost all nurseries was the baby changing table. This is something that is still around, but probably does not look much like the one that you remember. In fact, these are so diverse that you can have two or three of them in your home that take up little to no space. There are also travel versions as well as portable ones that can stay right in the car.

You can find a baby changing table that stands alone in a nursery, but they are not quite as common as they once were. Baby furniture is made today to be more versatile and to save more space. Even expensive furniture sets often have changing tables that double as something else that can be used long after your baby is in diapers. Some come attached to cribs that can then be turned into shelves. Some changing tables are on top of dressers. The pads and table can be removed and it looks like an ordinary dresser. The best part is that these look so much better than their earlier counterparts.

Most playpens that are made today are very different than they use to be, and some come with a baby changing table built right in. They can be added or removed depending on your wishes. These are great if you want to change baby in the middle of the night but they are not yet staying in their own room, or if you are away and baby is sleeping in that playpen. This is small, but it works well for most babies until they reach the age of one. Check with the weight specifications so you know when your baby is too heavy for this changing table.

You can also find the ultra portable baby changing table in the aisles of your favorite baby supply store. These are nothing more than very firm, curved pads that come with a strap on them to hold baby in place. These pads are water resistant and can go just about anywhere either at home or away. While these have a strap to hold baby in place while you are changing them, you should never baby unattended if the pad is not strapped to anything. They can still get hurt if the pad falls off of something. Wipe these down with antibacterial wipes on occasion to make sure they stay clean, or if you spot a mess.

Even simpler yet is the pad that goes with you right in the diaper bag. Some of these are just small pads that you can lay on any surface, and some have compartments included so when you unfold them you have all you need right there to change baby’s diaper. This type of baby changing table is not technically a table, but it works on any sturdy surface when you have to change baby away from home. These are often relatively inexpensive and can go anywhere you and baby go.

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