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Baby diaper rashes

Caring for your baby is a continuous learning experience. You’ll definitely make mistakes along the way.

You’ll find that some of the things you give your child may not work or will have a bad reaction. Because
a baby’s skin is extremely sensitive and unused to the harsh toxins in the environment, they may every
now and then suffer from a rash. As a new mother, you need not worry when this happens. Babies are
very prone to rash.

You’re not a bad mother if your baby gets diaper rash. This is in fact a common occurrence. Babies get it
at one time or another. Most mothers often panic when they see a discoloration on their infant’s skin.
Reality is, their bottoms are highly susceptible to rash because of the warm moist environment created
by the diaper. Whatever type of diaper they wear, the chances of a rash are still high.

What happens to babies during a rash? Because the skin gets itchy and raw, the child may suffer from
discomfort. The weather can even aggravate the itching. When it becomes too hot outside, your baby
may soften more than what is normal. When you look at the swelling, you will understand why your
baby becomes fussy.

The good thing about allergies is that they are easy to cure. With the right cream or ointment, the rash
soon disappears. You could also try to expose the skin to air. When you are at home, figure out your
child’s schedule so you’ll know when to free him of his diaper. This only takes a few minutes and is
actually quite easy to do. Once you’ve noticed your child soiled his diaper, change it immediately so that
you keep the infected area dry. Whatever you apply in the affected regions, you need to check if the
product has perfume in it, because this can trigger the allergy or cause it to worsen. In addition to
changing baby frequently, try using a different kind of diaper altogether. Some babies who experience
chronic rash do much better with cloth.

Experienced mothers also know of a few remedies to hasten the healing process. You can try putting
zinc oxide cream before you put on your baby’s diaper. If this isn’t available, check if you can get your
hand on some corn starch and Vaseline. Before putting his home remedy on your child, be sure to wash
him with lukewarm water. Mix the two substances in a bowl and apply it on your baby’s skin. You can
also opt for a diaper rash cream made from natural ingredients. The ointment forms a barrier between
the baby’s skin and the diaper. Look at the list of ingredients found at the back of the packaging. If you
see calendula, Vitamin E, and evening primrose oil, you’ll know that this works efficiently.

During the period of healing, make sure to choose what your child eats. Certain foods can worsen the
situation. You may even find that the healing process takes longer, thus, lengthening your child’s

If the skin still seems irritated, visit your pediatrician. This could be yeast reaction. If that is the case, you
will definitely need a different kind of treatment.

The most import ask you Doctor first and Read the medical legal page here