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Baby proofing house

Learn How to making your house safe for your baby

Baby proofing is a somewhat tedious process, but will ensure the safety of
your baby. It’s a necessity for inquisitive babies always crawl and get into places in
ways you never dreamed of. A lot of accidents can happen when a baby is given an
environment where anything can happen. You can never predict when an accident
can occur, but you can predict some common accidents to protect your baby as
much as possible. To lessen the hassle of baby proofing, start doing so even before
your baby starts to crawl. Go on all fours and see where your baby can get herself
into. You’ll be surprised on what you will find in your home.

Baby proofing  – LIVING ROOM

  • Get those sharp coffee table corners blunted with the use of a table edge

bumper. You can buy an edge bumper that has 4 corners attachments as
well as a long absorbing foam that can be stuck to your table with a double-
sided tape.

  • See to it that you install safety guards for plugs that are childproof to

prevent your little one from getting electrocuted. Tiny tots love to put their
fingers in every hole that they can find.

  • Make sure your carpet does not have any loose threading that your baby can

trip over. If you have hardwood floors, make sure there are no nails sticking
out. It would be better to have your baby crawl or walk on it barefoot.

  • Plan where you wish to place your furniture. If you’re comfortable with where

they are, bold them in place especially those book shelves or any unstable
furniture you can find.

  • Curtains and blind cords should be shortened or kept away from your child’s

reach as much as possible.

  • If you have stairways, pets, or just wish to keep your baby in a room while

you do something else, consider having a gate installed. The spaces
between them should be wide enough for their hands to get through, but
small enough to prevent their heads getting trapped.

Baby proofing  – KITCHEN

  • Kitchen cleaners are one of the leading causes of accidents in the kitchen.

Make sure that your cleaners are not placed beneath the sink. If you have
no other place to put them, have a child-proof lock installed to prevent baby

  • If you’re cooking dinner and you know there would be times you have to go

away from the stove to answer nature’s call or the telephone, cook at the
back burner of your stove. Remember to place the handles out of reach of
your little one. Keep chairs away from the stove whenever you cook.

  • If you’re having coffee, never place your steaming cup near your baby. That

delicate skin can easily have 3rd degree burns with just one steaming mug of

Baby proofing  – NURSERY

  • Your crib should be placed away from the window at all times.
  • Have a safety latch installed in drawers, closet doors, as well as the window.
  • Have a safety belt installed on your changing table. This can prevent falls

during squirmy diaper change.

  • Never buy small toys for your baby. Always check the label of any toy that

you buy. There is always an age restriction or recommendation to help you
know if the toy is safe for your baby.

Baby proofing  – BATHROOM

  • Always keep the medicine cabinet locked and placed way beyond baby’s


  • Have your water heater set to lower than 120?F to prevent scalding.
  • Never leave your baby unattended in a bath tub. Babies are known to drown

with just an inch or two of water.

  • Install a safety lock on your toilet seat.

There are so many things that you can and should do to ensure that your home is
safe for your baby. It may be expensive, time-consuming, and tedious. But a
couple hundreds of dollars invested on the safety of your home is better than
paying thousands for hospital bills due to accidents and poisoning.