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Buying Safe Baby Cribs For you Baby.

An article on  Safe Baby Cribs and video review..

Your baby is going to spend a lot of time sleeping during the first few years of life. The place where most babies sleep is the crib, even if they start out in a bassinet or co-sleeper. Because you baby is going to be sleeping so much, you want to know you have chosen from among the safe baby cribs out there on the market. Cribs are recalled all of the time because of some safety hazard, so be sure that you are looking your choices over very carefully and doing your research before you choose the one you want to bring home.

Safe baby cribs are definitely on the market. There are many great models that not only look good but are safe for your baby. You are going to be losing enough sleep getting up to feed your baby at night as it is, you do not want to lose more sleep worrying about the crib in which they sleep. The first thing to do is to find and print out a list of recalled baby cribs. Most of these should not be available for sale in any store, but sometimes a few slip through and are purchased by consumers. Have a current list with you when you go shopping.

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Think about what makes safe baby cribs good for baby to sleep in. The slats that make up the sides of the crib can be a problem if they are too far apart. Make sure they are no more than two or three inches apart. There should be no way that baby can get their head in between the slats to get stuck. Also, think about the adjustable parts of the cribs. Many drop side cribs have been recalled. Even if one has not, perhaps you should not take a chance and go with one that does not have that feature.

Do not be afraid to shake and push on any model of crib you are interested in buying. If the floor model is not stable, see why. Are the screws loose? Is it a construction flaw? It could be that the store did not put it together properly, or it could be that the parts are substandard and this is a model that you should not buy. Safe baby cribs have to take abuse and remain as safe as they were the day you bought them. Always look any crib over from top to bottom for potential problems before you decide which to buy.

If you are getting used cribs, you have to be just as careful. Many recalled cribs end up in second hand stores or are passed down from family and friends. Look up the crib, even if used, to see if it has been recalled for any reason. Also, check all moving and workable parts for anything that could be dangerous for your baby. Some things could be fixed, but you want to be sure you are getting safe baby cribs no matter from where they are coming. Any crib that has been taken down and put back up many times can simply be worn out as well. Take that into consideration too, as well as the possibility for lead paint. All are dangers worth thinking about with a crib.

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