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Compare baby strollers & What You Should Know about Baby Strollers

Baby Strollers are necessary. When you want to take baby out, it is advisable to have a stroller. Some people prefer carrying the child in a pouch but the weight can become heavy if you plan to go a long distance.

Baby strollers are more convenient and practical. With the right stroller, you can load all of baby’s essentials. If this is your first baby, then you should research on the type of stroller to get. Some people have no choice as they are provided with a hand-me-down stroller from their family, relatives or friends. This is the cheapest approach but the stroller may not be what you want for the baby. If possible, try to get the stroller you want.
Choose a stroller that is stable and firm.

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Technology can scan the mother and check whether it’s a single baby, twins or even triplets. The normal birth is a single baby but it’s better to play safe and make sure before buying the stroller. Get a stroller which is durable and within your budget. If you can’t afford a durable stroller, you should consider just getting the hand-me-down. There is no point in spending money for a stroller that will not last unless you have no other choice. Choose the type that can be upgraded as the child grows. Your initial stroller should fit a small baby but as baby grows, you will need to adjust the stroller for the larger size.

The stroller should be easy to open and close. Try experimenting in the shop with one hand or one hand and see how easy it is. Try holding a weight on your other hand and simulate you are holding baby, Try checking if you can easily engage the brakes, adjust the harness and backrest, and access the basket easily.  You should try all the gadgets with one hand to see if they can be opened and closed with ease.  Try lifting the stroller. Some strollers may be safe and comfortable but too difficult to lift and carry.

Seat belt restraints are very important safety features and should be thoroughly checked out. Be sure the buckles are easy to lock and unlock and still be comfort able to the child. The unlock should not be so easy that it could get loose on its own. Check the adjustability of the belt and see that it can be secured around the baby’s waist and the crotch straps loop into the waist belt. It should be fastened so the baby cannot slip out of the fastenings.  If you are jogging with a stroller, use a five-point harness.

Inspect the frame. A robust and strong frame, such as steel and aluminum will keep the stroller lasting for a long time but it might not be easy to maneuver nor carry around.  Plastic is the other option but the wear and tear is faster. If you can carry heavy weights and may have other babies in the future, choose the stronger frame. Together with that comes the fabric around the frame. The fabric should be easy to remove and cleaned. The fabric should be easily replaceable as it might wear out fast.

The seat and canopy should have a wide range for adjustment. Check that the seat can be fully reclined so baby can sleep comfortable. The canopy should be able to cover the baby from all kinds of weather. One salient point is the storage space. You need enough space in the trolley to carry baby’s essentials, like bottles and diapers.

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 Test if the stroller will tip over once it gets overloaded. Don’t plan to overload the stroller but test it as a safety precaution to see the risk.
The swivel wheels should be easy to turn and should have locking brakes. During those short instances you have to leave the stroller unattended, you should be able to lock it so it will not roll away. The handle of the stroller should be adjustable so people of different heights can hold on the stroller easily and comfortably.  Take your time and choose well. Your baby’s life may be at risk.