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Fish Oil for Your Baby and baby oil.

Fish Oil for Your Baby

When you think of fish oil, you’ll immediately assume that it’s something you’ll take when you grow
older. That may not be always the case. In fact, fish oil can be just as beneficial for your baby. When you
take it during pregnancy, you’ll do your baby a favor. It could mean the difference between having a
healthy and happy bundle of joy, and having a scrawny sick child who is susceptible to almost every kind
of disease. You, of course, would naturally want what is best for your baby. Every time they get sick,
you’ll be the one to pay the price. If they don’t feel well, your baby could keep you up the entire night
with his crying.

So do you need fish oil for your baby? In one word, yes! Fish oil contains omega3, and by taking it on a
regular basis even while your baby is still inside your womb, means that you are giving your baby the
essential fatty acids they need to thrive. An infant’s cerebral cortex is made of 15 to 20 percent DHA
while the retina is made up 15 percent. Omega3 does the job in fulfilling your child’s needs, especially
during this crucial time of their lives when everything inside their bodies is still in the process of

Some people actually believe that omega3 plays a big role in the child’s intelligence. These essential
fatty acids are usually found in meat and fish. Taking a daily supplement of Omega-3 also means that
you are building up your child’s immune system to make them strong and healthy, especially now when
pollution surrounds the air you breathe. Pregnant women also benefit a lot from this because you are
lowering your risks of getting post-natal depression.

Back then, all the animals were grass fed, and as you know it, grass is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Now,
however, this is no longer necessarily true. If you see the statistics, there are more people suffering from
mental illness nowadays. Could it be with the way they fed the animals? Fish was also once the best way
to obtain omega3. Now, the oceans are full of contaminants and toxins. Your best bet would be to take
an omega3 or DHA fish oil supplement.

Fetal brain development and fish oil are closely connected. The omega3 fatty acids available in fish oil
supplements are vital in the development of your child’s brain, central nervous system, and eyesight.
Sadly, majority of pregnant women today are lack the essential nutrients, which in turn can have severe
health implications on both the mother and the child in their womb. Fetal brain development
determines how smart your child will be. If you properly care for yourself during this period in your life,
you are giving your child the tool to properly adapt to the demanding environment they will grow up in.

Imagine what you are able to attain if you were to supplement your baby with omega3 fats before,
during, and after they are born. The health benefits have been proven time and again. Money will
certainly be not an issue because there are very affordable and reliable supplements available out in the
market today.

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