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Fun Games For Children and Families

Family time is the perfect way to keep families in good spirits with one another, to create unity, and to teach children to get along with siblings. There is no better way to spend family time with young children than to have a family game night. But when it comes to coming up with the right games to play, that can be a tough call. It really depends on the specific likes and dislikes of each child. In addition to giving your children and opportunity to choose the kinds of games they want to play, consider these fun options too.


There is no classic game that is loved by most children that is easier to learn than Candyland. With the colorful game board and easy to follow directions, kids of all ages can feel comfortable when participating in this game. While it can’t be played during dinner, it’s a perfect afternoon or rainy day activity.

The ABC Game

Starting with the letter A, have each person in the family go around in a circle and come up with an object in the house that start with their corresponding letter. For example, the first person might start with an apple that they see in the kitchen. The second person then says book that they see on the shelve in the living room. The third person would then find an object in the house that starts with the letter C, and so on.

The first person who can’t come up with an answer is out and the last person to come up with an answer wins the game! There are actually numerous variations that can be introduced to this game and tailored to the ages of the children playing the game.


It is impossible for this game to get old. You can play with pen and paper or through body language, whatever works best for you and your family. The object of the game is not as important as the fun that you get out of it. So if the parents making a fool of themselves is what it takes to get the kids laughing, then so be it.

Arts and Crafts

While not technically a game, arts and crafts is something all children love to do and they love it even more if their parents are willing to participate. Consider coming up with a couple different art projects you can do with your children and watch their smiles soar. Paper mache, popsicle houses, family paintings, and origami are all excellent options. If you have children of different ages to keep busy, put together a couple of different projects they can choose from to keep things interesting.

Fun Games For Children and Families


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