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Some mothers have to forego breastfeeding for a number of reasons.

Medications, health conditions, intolerable discomfort, or being a busy breadwinner
may opt the mother to bottle-feed their infants.


    • Feeding convenience: you don’t have to worry about getting yourself
      exposed or looking for an appropriate place to breastfeed your infant.
    • Anybody can feed your infant: since the milk can be prepared by
      anyone, anybody can feed your infant while you’re away. This way,
      fathers can also have the opportunity to bond with their babies the way
      mothers can.
    • Allergy issues are easily resolved: unlike breastfeeding, you
      immediately know what caused the allergy of your infant. You do not
      need to constantly thinking about what you eat.


  • Lesser nutrients: in comparison to breast milk no matter what formula
    companies do, they cannot match the nutritional content of breast milk.
  • Warming: some infants wish to have their formulas in certain
    temperature. This may be a problem when you’re not at home or while
  • Digestive issues: there may be a need to change formulas every now
    and then. Some formulas cause either constipation or diarrhea.
  • Added costs: some special formulas can be very costly and expensive.
    Consider all of these factors when you’re choosing between breastfeeding and
    bottle feeding. Remember that each person you talk about how to feed your baby
    will have certain preferences and bias. You and only you can decide which feeding
    will be most beneficial for you and your baby.