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How to give a baby shower

Imagine the joy of the parents as they throw a baby shower. The baby may still be on the way but the parents in their excitement have decided to give a baby shower in anticipation of their forthcoming baby. This is a normal reaction and it is expected to have prenatal showers. Parents normally would know the gender of the child from medical tests and they would announce it as part of the invitation. This gives you a clue to the type of baby gift you should be getting for the shower.

Most baby gifts are appropriate regardless of gender. The only identifier to the gender may be the color and you can play safe and pick a neutral color. You can choose a variety of baby essentials as shower gifts. Blankets and pillows are a necessity but there is a limit on how many will be needed by the baby. Clothes, on the other hand, have no limit. The baby will need a regularly constant change of clothes because of wetness or similar baby traits. The baby will definitely need a great deal of diapers. It appears to be a very practical gift but might not be a very impressive gift.

Another practical gift could be baby bottles. The baby has to be fed several times in a day. It is common practice to have a stack of baby bottles ready for feeding. The parents can schedule the cleaning of the bottles at a convenient time and still have a sufficient number to continue feeding the baby. Other baby necessities could be baby powder, shampoo, oil, lotion and soap. These items can be found in any baby store. Try getting a few of all the essentials and put them together in a gift basket.

If you feel the essentials have been addressed adequately, look at other items, such as a crib, stroller, nursery decorations, rattles and teething rings. You may have to consult with the parents on some of the items. The parents may have their own ideas on the design or they may have already secured the items. For example, it may not be worthwhile getting a crib if the parents already have one. Your intentions may be noble but having two cribs for one baby does not seem appropriate. Silver toys are always welcomed. The toy is more durable and the silver can be viewed as an investment.

Before you buy the gift, it is best to ask the parents what baby items they need the most. This may be the more logical means of choosing a gift as you avoid duplications and know exactly what their desires are. Try to get an assortment of what they need so you can select whatever is within your budget. In some cases, parents may select a gift shop and mention it in the invitation. You just to go there and put whatever cash you can afford on the item you want them to have. The gift shop will monitor the payments and put aside the item for them once it is fully paid. If the item remains not fully paid, they can pay the outstanding balance later. At least, you’ve done your share to help them along the path of parenthood.

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