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Learn How to take care of twins infants

Learn How to take care of twin infants

Having twins in the family can be quite a blessing – and a challenge. You may hear some stories about caring difficulties for a single infant, what more for twins. Don’t be too daunted by what you hear. Most of the difficulties of taking care of twins can be easily avoided by planning – and getting used to your twin’s body system.

Once you are told by your doctor that you’re to have twins, it is best to start saving for everything. And that means everything. Do not take it for granted that you will deliver normally. There can be certain unpredictable occurrences that can force you to deliver by C-section. Ask the hospital where you plan to deliver your twins about the total hospital cost that you will incur on that special event. You may want to include there several weeks or months of incubation for your babies and days of hospitalization for you when problems occur. Most twins are often delivered prematurely, and do not discount that your baby will not be among them. Remember, you are saving up so you don’t have to worry about what you will have to do in case additional costs arrive.

All clothes and baby items must be bought double the quantity. If you were told that you have to buy a large pack of newborn diapers for one child, buy double. 12-18 feeding bottles will do at first, but if you have a medical condition that prevents you from breastfeeding consider buying 24 of them. A great hospital-grade breast pump (or one that is almost equal to it) will also do you wonders. 4-8 swaddle cloths will give you enough to swaddle your baby without having to wait for them to get washed.
A good nursing pillow designed for twins is not just a luxury. The best way to get your babies into a pattern is to nurse them both at the same time. Doing so will help you save time and energy. You don’t have to worry about waiting for the other to stop nursing or interrupting a twin’s nursing schedule just because the other is wailing for food. If one twin is an aggressive eater, though, you may want to switch breasts every now and then.
There may be times when your relatives and friends will come to visit. And each visit would mean well-meaning advices and criticisms designed to help you but only succeed in riling you up. You must learn a way to block their suggestions or tactfully tell them that their comments are appreciated but you can manage on your own. One good way would be asking for their help with household chores whenever they’re starting to give you tips.

It is doubly important for you to ask for help when you have twins. Ask your partner, family, friends, and a trusted neighbor to help you maintain the house and help you in bathing or soothing your twins. Two shrieking babies can be raw for your nerves, so your goal will be to answer to your twins’ needs as fast as you can. It may be highly beneficial for you to employ the services of a nanny or a doula while you are still getting used to the system. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you must say so and you must have someone to talk your frustrations to. A mother of twins is at high risk of having postpartum depression, making it necessary to have all the help that you can get. You and your partner must take turns in taking care of the baby. You must get all the sleep and all the nutrients that you can get. If you are breastfeeding, you need an additional 300-500 kcal per day for each baby. Making sure that you have enough sleep and enough food in your body will help you cope with the activities of motherhood as well as fight the onset of postpartum depression. Once you are starting to feel you’re doing too much, you must set aside some time for yourself. Have someone you trust take care of the baby for several minutes or a couple of hours. Take a walk, eat in your favorite restaurant, or treat yourself to a spa. They may be extravagant, but you do deserve a break for taking care of twins is not an easy task.