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LEGO City Cargo Train 7939

LEGO City Cargo Train 7939

When it comes to toys, Lego is a household name that has been around since 1932. Over the past decades, Lego has made construction sets themed in just about every aspect you can imagine, from space, to knights and pirates, to cowboys and Indians and even movie themed play sets.

One of Lego’s latest set releases is Lego City. With the Lego City play sets, kids can assemble their very own Lego towns, complete with police stations, fire department, stores, houses, sky scrapers, and even a functioning train!

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The Lego City Cargo Train is truly an innovation in the Lego world, as it comes with Power Functioning parts, like a motor that actually allows the train to run on its own, via a remote control which can operate up to 8 trains at once.

The Specifications

The Lego City Cargo Train is recommended for children from 6 to 12, but that doesn’t mean older children won’t enjoy this timeless piece. The set contains 839 individual pieces and comes unassembled. Included in this set are 4 Lego figures; the train conductor and 3 train yard workers.

The train itself is over 34” long, and consists of the engine, the tank wagon, the two car auto carrier, and a flat bed car. This Lego product utilizes the patented Lego Power Functions, requiring 9 AAA batteries (not included). The train is operated by an infrared remote control which can control ul to 8 trains at once. The set includes a full train track for the train to ride along 8 straight tracks, 16 curved tracks, 16 flexinl tracks, and 2 witching tracks.

The Pricing

Lego products these days have gotten to be quite expensive, and the Lego City Cargo train is no exception. This set will cost you $230.00. Granted, the set has a remote control and a real functioning motor on the train, but 230.00 dollars is a lot to spend on one Lego set.

The Verdict

If you are an avid Lego collector, or you are trying to complete your Lego City set, then this piece is definitely a nice buy. The functionality of the motor and infrared remote control are a very cool touch. However if you are just purchasing this as a gift for a child who likes Legos, I would recommend a different Lego purchase. There are plenty of Lego City sets available for much cheaper than $230.00

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