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Little Tikes Toddler Beds & Cheap Toddler Bed Sale.

Little Tikes toddler beds are a great place to go to find a bed for your toddler. Once your toddler can climb out of their crib you need to seriously consider a toddler bed for their safety. Around the age of two to the age of five the safety of your child is very important. No child I know lays perfectly still when they are sleeping, they move around in bed and they move around in bed a lot.

You want a bed that will ensure your child’s safety. One that is close to the ground and has some type of safety rail to keep your child in the bed and not falling or rolling out is paramount.

Some cribs convert into toddler beds but if you did not purchase one of these beds you will need to find and purchase a toddler bed. Little Tikes toddler beds come in great styles and designs that will keep your child safe and make them want to go to bed. With attention to detail and realistic designs for ages 2 and up, you will be able to find just what you are looking for in a child’s bed.

Some of these beds are sized to use the mattress from the child’s crib so you do not have to spend the money on a bigger mattress right away and the child will not have to get used to a different mattress. They will have the same level of comfort they enjoyed in their crib.

When your child does get older and grows taller you can buy a bigger child’s bed and a twin mattress and box spring. Priced reasonably, these beds will last for years and include wooden mattress supports and adjustable mattress heights. Adjustable mattress heights are an excellent feature of these beds so that the bed can basically grow with your child.

With prices ranging from $175.00 to $350.00, you are sure to find a child’s bed to make you and your child happy for years to come. With beds that are priced in the upper range you may be offered other amenities like a lamp or a small child’s rocking chair to sweeten the deal, too. It all depends on where you do your shopping.


My son had a race car bed that his grandfather made for him that he absolutely loved but if you are not handy with wood, take your child shopping and let them have a choice as to what bed they want. Letting your child have some control over what bed they sleep in will make them feel special and proud of themselves and their new bed.

When your child feels special and proud of their new bed they will willingly go to bed with no problems. This can be quite the blessing because some children fight going to bed and/or refuse to stay in bed when you do get them there. Choosing one of Little Tikes toddler beds will definitely make your little one feel that feeling of specialness.

If you are looking for affordable toddler beds you may want to check out toddler bed clearance sites online. There are quite a few and you can pick up a toddler bed for a song if you do your research.

You can try online site like Ebay and bid on a bed for your toddler or you can go to Amazon.com to find out what they are offering. I found what I think is a good site at bizrate.com. All these sites have quite the selection available for bid or purchase and prices are absolutely phenomenal.

From boats, trains, fire trucks, race cars, pirate ships and even bulldozers for boys to canopy, princess and character beds for girls, you will be able to find just the right bed for your little one and at a great price, too. Many sites offer free shipping and if you buy your toddler bed from a place like Wal-Mart they offer free site to store shipping so all you have to do is go pick your toddler bed up at your nearest Wal-Mart store.

With so many different styles to choose from you may get overwhelmed so be sure you know what your child really wants before putting in your bid on an auction site or buying a toddler bed from a toddler bed clearance site or store.

If you are short on space in your child’s room or if two children have to share a room, you may be interested in space saving bunk beds or loft beds. Loft beds have drawers built right in so you can store your child’s clothes right where they sleep. How convenient is that? This feature will make it easier for you or them, when they get a little older to find the clothes they want to wear the next day and make it easier to keep things neat and tidy.

Loft beds, bunk beds and many styles of toddler beds all come with secure safety rails to keep your child safe and keep them from rolling out of bed onto the floor at night.