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Low Cost Newborn Baby Clothes.

One of the most popular things that people buy for someone else when they are having a baby is newborn baby clothes. This is because all babies need clothes, and these items are just so darn cute. Most of the things you find in the store and online to buy for new baby are going to be safe and good for baby’s skin, but not all things are designed quite right. Check out a few features on these items before you buy so you know the baby will be safe and comfortable in the clothing items that you buy for them.

Buttons and other sewn items are usually not a good idea on newborn baby clothes. This is because these can come off and could be a choking hazard for baby. While most newborns can not pick these things off of their clothes nor can they pick them up once they have come off, you never know what could happen. It is far better to avoid these all together. Some babies develop the pincer grasp (thumb and forefinger) before other skills. It’s rare, but it does happen. Anything that can be pulled off is a hazard.

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Think about the material when you are buying newborn baby clothes and other items. Most are soft and cuddly feeling, but you do not want to buy a lot of flannel or thick fleece materials for a baby that is born in the spring or summer, nor do you want to get a lot of thin items for winter babies. These babies only wear the newborn size for a very short time, so get what works in the season when they are born. If they stay in newborn clothing sizes for more than a month, they are the exception these days. Babies are in bigger sizes before you know it.

Those materials can be a concern if they are rough on the skin of the baby. Sometimes there are patches or other things sewn onto the material or into the material. If the inside of the item does not have something over the stitches to protect the skin, it can rub and irritate the sensitive skin of the baby. Look for newborn baby clothes that are just as soft and smooth on the inside as the outside. Also check zippers to be sure they can not catch the skin or that do not have zipper heads that will stick in the neck or chest of the baby.

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Newborn baby clothes are cute and hard to resist, but do so if you know the couple already has a lot that they can use. Most babies never wear all of the newborn size clothing that they get. They have too many and they outgrow them so quickly. Instead, look for bigger sizes that the baby can wear a few months down the road. Remember to keep those seasons in mind. If you are buying six month size for a baby born in July, get fall and winter items. The parents will appreciate that they have some clothes stored up for the not so distant future.