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Safe Way to Baby proof Your Home Caring for Your Newborn.

The safe Way to Baby-proof Your Home

Parents, especially new ones, often leave out the basic rules of safety. It is often the lack of experience or knowledge that gets them into trouble. Sometimes, these accidents are often minor. However, some of these instances have claimed the lives of infants. The number of children injured or killed has grown over the years. However, this number can decrease significantly simply by installing safety devices that are widely available today. They are easy to use and very effective when the instructions are followed.

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One basic device is a safety latch or lock: this prevents your child accessing cabinets with harmful materials. Nothing is actually 100% safe, but it helps if you make it more difficult for your child to reach those areas. Another vital device is a safety gate. What this does is to keep your child away from a particular area such as a flight of stairs.

When it comes to avoiding burns, there are also anti-scald devices available out on the market. You can use these on faucets so that you can regulate the water temperature. To install this, you may need a plumber. Of course, an absolute must are smoke detectors in case of an actual fire. On your end, you need to make sure they work by checking regularly. The batteries can run out, and on average, these can power the device for up to a year.

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Since children do tend to be more active when they grow, the chances of them running into your furniture are high. What you need are corner and edge bumpers. Place the rounded tips at the sides of the table or cabinet so that you soften the sharp edges. If you also happen to have a lot of outlets on the lower areas of your walls, buying an outlet cover is a must. Children are curious by nature and when they see a socket exposed, they can stick their fingers in them. To prevent electrocution, you must cover each of them and make sure that your child cannot remove them easily. Also make sure that they are large enough so that your child will not choke on them in case they put one in their mouth.

You have to realize that even if you take these precautions, your child is still not 100% safe. As long as they don’t have adult supervision, things can always happen. You have to be vigilant about considering every room in the house and checking for potentially dangerous objects. Things that appear completely safe may still pose some danger. What are most needed here are alertness and common sense. It helps to view the room from an angle as low as your baby. Purchase some forms of padding so that you know your child won’t bump into hard surfaces. Keep breakables on high shelves or in a cabinet.

In case you are still not sure about the safety of your house, consult a professional or ask the help of an experienced parent. You can ask for or get the services of the people with the perfect know-how. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but your efforts will definitely pay off in the end.

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Very Important… Caring for Your Newborn

Being a brand new mom is a gift that every woman can be thankful for. The first time you hold your baby in your arms, the first time he opens his mouth, and basically the first everything. You would do just about anything to shield that new angel of yours. If you can, you give them the best of everything, and this includes the things you put on their skin. Because the baby’s skin is so sensitive and fragile, you are always careful to choose what to put on them. Some chemicals make the baby’s skin break out, and that is the last thing you would want to happen.

Baby health care is therefore one of the many concerns that a new mother needs to consider. After all, her new baby is a blessing and she would want to do everything and anything to keep her baby safe. As a mother, you need to make the choice of what products to buy. Your priority is your newborn’s skin because this provides the foundation of healthy adult skin.

When you go to the stores and choose the right skin care line for your child, you can get confused with all the products found on the shelves. There is a recent trend that suggests that organic skin care products are better for the child’s skin. Babies need appropriate light creams and baby lotion to keep their skin supple and soft. Of course, there is also the recurring diaper rash. Because babies require protection for wetness, diaper rashes are sometimes inevitable. Stock your cabinet with the rash cream that your doctor recommends. Always ask your physician. After all, they should know more about the latest products.

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Aside from that, here are a few must-haves:
a. Onesies. This one-piece, snap crotch article of clothing is amazing. They come in cute colors and prints. They’re versatile as well in case you quickly need to bring your child with you for an emergency errand. Just put it underneath coats and bottoms, and you’re good to go.
b. First Aid Kit. This is probably the most important of baby basics. Put in some basic medicines, a rectal thermometer, a lubricant, and some first aid cards with tips for what to do in case of an emergency, and of course, emergency numbers.
c. Diapers, of course. Be sure to stock up. Your child may be allergic to certain kinds of diapers. Try not to panic when rash breaks out. Instead, switch to another brand.
d. Sling. These are especially helpful when you like to bring your infant with you anywhere and everywhere. These are good for discreet breastfeeding as well.
e. Baby bed. Make sure that it has side guards so that your baby is kept safe even when he moves throughout the night.
f. Car seat and stroller. Many companies sell car seats that can also be converted into strollers once you get out of the car. Whatever your choice may be, your baby’s safety is a must once you bring him out of the house.

There are just so many things to know when you first have a baby. Don’t fret because help is available just about everywhere. Log online and check out the latest news. You’ll certainly be able to equip yourself with the know-how.

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