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Colors for Your Baby

As you prepare your home for your new baby, you start to think about the many things you’ll have to consider. You need to know what toys to buy, what clothes to prepare, and the kind of sheets you’ll have to get. For those who want to walk that extra mile, they’ll even consider the color to paint the room in. People have often said that the colors you’ll see around can affect your emotions and disposition. The study of colors is called chromatherapy. In gist, this simply means energy that is made visible.

Research on it if you must so you can use your new knowledge to help you decorate your baby’s room. The colors you’ll use can actually make a difference in the baby’s sleeping patterns, their diets, and their general mood. There are so many to choose from, and your choice will depend on your priorities. You just have to ask yourself, what would you like to most develop in your baby?

If you think that this is all baloney, think about how your body reacts to the biggest change in colors. You definitely feel different during the day as compared to night. As the sun breaks the horizon, the light brightens your world. It’s a whole new day for you to start out fresh. Warm colors are usually associated with day. As night nears closer, your body starts to slow down. The cool and dark hues bring about a feeling of peace and quiet. That is why you usually opt to have the curtains closed should you decide to sleep during the day. This gives the illusion of night and sleep comes easier when your body thinks that it is time to wind down.

Color also appears to affect your response to food. In fact, advertisers and manufacturers use red when marketing a product. They have noticed that people are more likely to eat better when they see this passionate color. According to a certain Indian philosophy, the colors of the rainbow target the seven chakras of the body. Each one is related to a specific effect:

1. Red is usually associated with energy, vigor, and bravery.
2. Orange is for happiness, independence, and confidence.
3. Yellow is associated with awareness and understanding.
4. Green is for a healthy balance between love and peace.
5. Blue is for peace, fitness, and knowledge.
6. Indigo is for insight and understanding.
7. Lastly, violet has been linked to creativity and wisdom.

Then there are the neutrals. You can opt for either something more toned or more uplifting. Those that belong to the upper portion of the rainbow indicate more vitality, and as you go down the line, the mood becomes calmer. It is a good idea to always match a bright color with a more neutral tone. Otherwise, the colors will try to outshine each other and may end up creating a chaotic atmosphere.

The colors you’ll choose will entirely be up to you. Just know that you must create the best atmosphere for your baby. Try to adapt to their needs and make sure that your child will be able to grow up in a comfortable room.