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TV Doesnt Really Help you babies.

For all the busy parents out there, the television seems to be the perfect babysitter. When your little tot is restless and agitated, you simply turn that black box on and divert their attention. As effective as it is, this shouldn’t be the main part of their life. This is not to say that you should keep them away from the TV entirely, but you should also know that they develop much better when you employ other ways. Children enjoy looking at the screen and stay glued to the show for hours at a time, especially if colors and shapes are whizzing past the screen. While they are occupied, you can do a few of your long overdue household chores. That could be why so many moms and dads think that they can’t without the TV. Plus, it may be especially hard for those who don’t have babysitters. Yes, it is perfectly understandable. But part of being a parent is sacrifice.

People have talked about babies watching television. It is a much talked about issue for many. Technology seems to play a big role in child care. There are actually those that strongly urge parents to keep babies under two away from television. When you think about it, that’s probably next to impossible. Though keeping them from watching movies isn’t exactly a walk in the park, you have to be well aware of the repercussions in the later years of their life. In fact, they say that TV is a sedentary activity. The brain doesn’t do much when your eyes are constantly glued to the screen. By knowing just how little you child can profit from it, maybe you’ll get to realize that it’s finally time to think about the many other activities that they can get into.

Sadly, it seems as if parents don’t really take this advice to heart. Just go to any video store and you’ll see that there are DVDs that claim to help your child during their developmental years. There are shows as well that attempt to teach them about concepts. As good as these are, the parents remain to be the best teachers, especially during the first few years of their life. Most babies do enjoy the boob tube, and there have been debates regarding just how you should limit it.

When babies watch educational videos that are available in all stores, they may learn some useful skills, and these will benefit them eventually. If you do expose them to these shows, you should at least be careful about what you choose. And remember, just because they are good doesn’t give you the right to depend on these tools all the time. It still must be done in controlled amounts and if you have another option, you need to look at other forms of activities first. There’s nothing better than the actual interaction between child and parent. Just think of it as something that can supplement your baby’s education during your busiest days. Remember to limit the time as much as possible. Allow them to use all their sense as they learn about the world, and this only comes with actual play.