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Your Questions About Baby Swaddle Blanket Pattern

Daniel asks…

Clothes wise how many things should i buy for my baby?

6-7 pairs of outfits
5-pairs socks
2-pair shoes ect


Quantity depends largely on how often you anticipate being able to do laundry. You may also find that your needs are not what you anticipate — for example, I lucked out in that neither of my babies spit up. Ever. So while many moms of newborns found themselves changing their babies several times a day I was never in that position (unless I chose to be, of course).

Another factor is weather/time of year.

All that being said:

Your baby will live primarily in onesies and footed “sleepers” (they go by many names, but that’s the one that comes to mind), so you should have several of those. Even if you plan to do laundry every day plan on having a few sleepers, or gowns, or whatever your baby will sleep in, since you don’t know what will happen in terms of spit ups and leaks in the middle of the night.

Outfits are really a matter of your own choice. They’re not by any means “necessary.” When you take your little baby out in a carrier, stroller, etc. It’s going to be in the same clothes it would wear inside, more or less. You and I wouldn’t go out in our pajamas, I’ll grant you that, but babies do. If you want outfits for visitors and such that makes sense, but no need to go crazy — a couple of outfits will do.

Socks — I’d get a few pair to start with but not many. One of the “challenges” of new motherhood is determining which socks your baby is least likely to pull off, or have fall off.

Shoes — babies don’t wear shoes, but “crib shoes” are appropriate if you want to do that with one of the “outfits.” But barring a particular desire on your part? No shoes.

Were I in your shoes I would probably buy about 8 onesies, half as many sleepers, a few pairs of socks or booties, 2 sleep sacks, a few swaddling items (or, frankly, 1 “Miracle Blanket” — they are hands down the best), and a few hats (newborns need hats, no matter the time of year — most body heat is lost from the head and, on top of that, most babies have little or no hair). In my experience when your baby is born people will buy you all sorts of cute little baby clothes — and that’s where your outfits will likely come from. I found that I got to buy the “boring” things — onesies, basically — and other than that there was precious little I had to buy for several months. (Although, if you want a special “coming home from the hospital outfit,” you should plan that yourself). If you find you need more you can always get more. You’ll see whether your baby spits up 10 times a day or not at all. Whether s/he leaks a lot, or not. Whether that brand of socks stays on or is useless. Etc. You’ll also see what size is needed — they grow *fast*. Speaking of which, pay attention to that when you buy clothes. Buying onesies? Buy a couple of newborn and a couple of “0-3 months.” (And with diapers, do not stock up on newborn size!)

Also, while it’s not technically clothing, do buy several bibs — if they don’t need them immediately they will eventually. And burp cloths, ditto (for those, forego the expensive “burp cloths: — what I found and still find the most useful are prettily patterns cloth diapers, usually sold in packages of 6 or 12, they’re all cotton, absorbent, and useful for everything! On the other hand the so-called “receiving blankets” are pretty useless as they are too small to be useful for swaddling — and my kids were only 5 pounds when they finally came home!)

Sorry for my rambling. Been trying to “answer” a little here, a little here, during my 14 month old twins’ dinner!

Congrats and good luck.

Mary asks…

Some advice on getting my baby to sleep on his own?

My baby is 6 months old and he won’t go to sleep unless im holding him or he’s getting fed.

Also getting him to sleep is always a nightmare, he is kicking, screaming etc although he is rubbing his eyes and yawning so he is definately tired. He never falls asleep on his own.

His current routine is wake up at 8am, nap from 10.30 – 12.30ish, another nap at 3.30 – 5ish then back to sleep at 8.30pm and we will give him a dream feed at around 12ish. He only wakes up once during the night just now.

Someone suggested to me controlled crying but I don’t really know what that is or how to go about doing this.

Any help and advice would be great!


Hi there,
well first of all remember to stay calm! Babies are very clever and pick up on how we feel esp. If he is distressed when trying to go to sleep on his own – this is important when it comes to controlled crying.

Controlled crying is when you leave your baby to cry himself to sleep or calm himself down – you arent supposed to leave him for minutes on end but it can become a game for them if they fuss, you go and settle or give a dummy or feed him or cuddle him.. These make it even worse for you in the long run!

It sounds to me like he is very used to his feeds and that is how he calms himself down, i am assuming he goes to bed after his feed? (evening at least..)
if he is over hungry as in it is too late for his feed or he is a hungry bubba – then try playing with the amount you give him at each feed.. Alot of people do this.. As long as you dont go over the amount in the day you were on before (as recommended) then it is ok to play to find out what suits him best.
If he is content after his feed and has had a nappy change, burp and cuddle he should be fine and is making a fuss to get you to go to him and comfort him by feeds or holding.

Next suggestion would be to swaddle him – if you use a dummy or are happy to use a dummy this is another option.
Swaddling helps them feel comforted and safe (in warmer months use a thinner blanket or sheet around them or use lighter sleepwear) it also stops them being able to kick about as much.

If i were you i would try:

making sure he has a good bedtime routine – bath, feed, bed
swaddle him – see if it helps comfort him
check his room – temperature, darkness etc.
If used a moses before he was in his cot you could put the moses inside the cot for comfort and protection
looking into his feed pattern and sleep pattern – if he is over tired he will be worse to put down
controlled crying – leave him for a few minutes (do check or least have a monitor on..) see if over a course of 2 weeks or so it settles him a bit or the time is less at the end of doing this than before.

Go to your GP or health visitor for more tips and supprt and check he doesnt have anything like croup or colic which doesnt help him when getting to sleep (easily fixed.. One method is to use anti-colic bottles/teats)

good luck and i hope you find something that works!

George asks…

What is your 2 month olds daily sleep pattern like?

My sister just had her first baby exactly 2 months ago and she needs advice from some “newer” moms out there. My daughters are 10 and 13, so it has been awhile since they were my nephews age. We all know that every baby is different but we just want the consensus from new moms. How many hours does your baby sleep at night? What time do you usually put him/her down? Do they nap during the day? If so, how long?

Although I am not there when she puts him to bed at night I do see him a lot during the day. When he is napping he fidgets a lot in his sleep and wakes up after 10-15 minutes. His bed times are so sparatic, too. There seems to me to be no routine here. She is trying so hard and I want to help her get it together.

I know she and her husband tried rice cereal but it constipated him terribly, so they stopped. It was only one time and the amount of cereal they used was very little, too.

Thanks in advance for your input :0)


As the mother of two I’m sure you know that babies get a better night sleep when they have had sufficient naps through out the day. When my baby was 2 months old she started to get on a sort of regular nap pattern. She is breastfed so I feed on demand but she has a cycle she goes through: wake up, eat, change diaper, play/tummy time and is awake for about 1.5 hours from waking up to going down for a nap. As soon as I see a big yawn or a “spaced out” look I swaddle her, rock her a bit, offer a pacifier and put her to bed. If she fusses I comfort her but don’t pick her up unless she is really crying. She started out only taking 40 minute naps but now that her feedings have spaced out more she will nap from 1.5 – 2.5 hours. Sometimes her awake time is more than 1.5 hours too towards the end of the day. She started doing 7 hour stretches at night around 4 weeks and would eat and then go back to bed till the morning. Now, at 3 months she goes to bed around 7 and sleeps till 5am, eats, and goes back to bed until 7 or 8. Then is usually only up for another hour before wanting her first nap. The key with napping is to catch them before they are overtired – look for that first big yawn or spacey look when you are playing with them and always swaddle. My child won’t sleep unless she is swaddled (“swaddle me” blanket stays closed, better than a regular receiving blanket) and sometimes needs a pacifier too.

On a side note: rice cereal will not work at this age, wait till at least 4 months before trying it again, their digestive system is still to young plus they have a tongue thrust reflex that makes it hard to get them to swallow it.

Also, use a white noise machine – keeps them sleeping longer!

Helen asks…

Baby vomiting/spitting up often – please advice.?

My daughter is no 21 days old. She is nursing well and gaining weight until now. Starting last week or so, she has started vomiting/spitting after the feed. It’s mostly the milk that she spits up but sometimes it’s the cottage cheese like liquid. She spits up considerable amount, I would think. Her pooping pattern is still irregular (she poops only once in 2-3 days), so I am not sure if that adds to her vomiting. Sometimes when she vomits, milk comes out of her nostrils too, so I am always concerned and worried after each feed. I hold her head above tummy during feeding, burps her after the feed etc. But she spits up after almost every feed. There were few days when she doesn’t do it much but otherwise this happens a lot.

I am planning to mention this to the pediatrician at my next appointment. Meanwhile, I wanted to know if anyone had similar experiences, have thoughts on what could be causing this and if there is anything I could do to help her.

appreciate your help. Thanks.
I am breastfeeding


Hi, firstly, spitting up and vomiting are 2 different things.
And projectile vomiting is completely different also.
For projectile vomiting to happen after EVERY feed, usually indicates a blockage of some kind and requires immediate medical attention.

Are you breastfeeding?
If so, check your diet.
If bottle feeding, it could be the milk she is on.

Her pooing sounds perfectly normal.

Try raising the head of her crib a little bit and make sure she sleeps on her side, not her back.
Roll up a blanket and put it between her back and the side of the crib, so she cannot roll back onto her back. I’d suggest swaddling her also, if you are not already doing so. Use a cotton sheet, not a blanket.

After a feed, let her sit in a bouncy chair for a while, or car seat or prop her up a little, so she is not lying down. Giving her time to digest her feed for a while.
Burb her between her feed and at the end.

Some spitting up after a feed can be perfectly normal. And it may not be as much as you think it is.
Make sure she is not taking too much at a feed as some times they will bring back up, what their tummy cannot hold. So you could also try smaller, more frequent feeds, to see if that helps.
Make sure you are not rocking her as that can add to it.

Mostly, keep calm and relax more so you are not passing any stress on to her.

Jenny asks…

Sleeping woes baby is 3 weeks?

From the time my little one was born she’s always been so good about sleeping in her bassinet. I believe im just coming down on the end of her growth spurt as she is eating less than she was when her appetite spiked. As of last night I noticed very odd behavior from her. I would bring it up to my peditrician but everytime I take her to him or have a concern, he doesn’t spend more than 5minutes to check into it, offer advice, or try to solve the issue. I’m not a fan of co sleeping…im a thrasher in bed and can’t think of what would happen if I hurt her or worse but the last two nights have been hairy and I think it’s bound to happen. I haven’t slept but 2 hours from 9am-11 yesterday but Ava (my baby) would not go down it started at 11pm yesterday she would just scream until I rocked her to sleep, but as soon as she hits the basinet she’s awake, screaming, spitting up (as of yesterday its been chunky spit up). The only way I get her down is to lay her on my bed propped up on my pillow…i also have to continuously pat her back til her eyes close….as soon as I move her to the basinet though she’s awake..crying. As I mentioned I haven’t slept because I don’t want to co sleep and she only sleeps in my bed but im so tired and watching her sleep is killing me…i took her to the peditrician just today because she was constipated, which she’s been going since I got back and all he said was its colic…but for it to just randomly appear in the last 2 days? Sometimes I can get her to sleep in her car seat but I don’t feel right sticking her in there so I can sleep…help?


Well it could be a couple of things. The first thing is I am not sure how your Dr is defining colic. Colic relates to inconsolable crying that you cannot soothe through typical means (dry diaper, holding, rocking, feeding. Colic involves LOTS of crying – as in hours of it & often at a predictable patterned time of day usually a few hours prior to bed. If this is not the issue, then it’s NOT colic. I may be reading this wrong, but I hear nothing you describe as sounding like that.

If she is sleeping well in your bed ONLY when propped on a pillow OR in your arms, then I would be wondering about reflux. This makes it so sleeping laying down feels terrible. Sooooo – I would experiment with a few things. If you do some of them already, then good. I would swaddle – I have never met a baby that young that doesn’t like it (although I am sure a few are out there). Make sure it is firm, but not overly tight. I would take a soft blanket (fleece or the like) and wrap the bare mattress of the bassinet with it. Make sure it thin, but you do want it to be a cozy fabric. Pin it tightly in place on the underside of the mattress (you will have to figure out how to fold it to do this since you in it to itself, NOT the mattress) and then slide your sheet over that. It will prevent that cold plasticy feel of the mattress. Then put a small receiving blanket or something under ONE side of her mattress to set it at an angle. Make sure it secure & stable & UNDER the mattress. Then prewarm the bassinet if possible with a heating pad, hotwater bottle, towels fresh from the drier & remove them before laying her down. I like the towels because I then lay it over babies feet for the first few minutes until they are really settled to help them stay settled in. And then see how it goes.

If that works, keep in mind they sell mattress wedges (pretty cheap too) and fleece sheets as well to make all that easier. Bu I suspect based on WHERE she sleeps well, that this might be your issue. If you have an inclined bouncy seat or swing you can try having her snooze in there at nap times too to observe how she does. I am betting this is an issue with laying flat though it sounds.

I PROMISE it won’t stay this hard, but newborns ARE often enigmas with all sorts of weird things they do & just when you think you have them figured out they do something different & hard all over again. LOL Hang in there momma. Really, I promise it gets better. The first few months are very trying, but you will figure it out & she will settle out & you WILL get sleep again. You will. You won’t ever sleep as soundly as you did when you didn’t have to keep an ear out for someone else, but you will sleep & that is something to hold on to.

And please consider a new Dr. No doctor should make you feel they don’t have time for questions, especially from new moms. I went through a number of Pediatricians with my 1st & now we have a family Dr & I LOVE it – so much better. Not once did I find a pediatrician willing to actually act like they had time to answer questions, but I never feel rushed with a family Dr. Such a different approach & quite franky much better input & better care for my kids. If I had only known sooner it would have been much less frustrating early on. YOU are the customer, not the other way around, you shouldn’t have to beg for a moment of their time or feel bad for wanting their input.

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