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Your Questions About Baby Swaddle Carrier

Donna asks…

What are things that I need to have ready for the baby when he gets here?

I’m having a boy this time if that makes a difference. I have gotten a lot of stuff for him so far.

I didn’t think I’d have another baby, so I got rid of all of my daughter’s old baby things right around the time I actually got pregnant…typical.

I plan on breast feeding, but I’ll be using a pump.

Just so I know I have everything I need, what would you recommend for the first 3 months to get so I can be ready for the baby?

Pilar Estefana answers:

Somewhere to sleep
sheets and blankets/receiving and thicker
onesies in nb, and 0*3 as well as footed sleepers in same

i strongly suggest a couple ‘swaddle me’ s by kiddopotamus, only ten bucks at brus and they are wonderful! Swaddle baby easily, stays put, can’t be kicked off and baby sleeps soooo much better

possibly a few bottles so you can express and have someone else feed baby
diaper bag…if you can it is good to have a small and a large so you don’t have to take the big one just for a run to the store
wipes/diapers…sensitive skin version
laundry detergent frag and dye free
baby wash /somewhere to wash baby; you can get baby towels and cloths or use yours
thermometer and other basic supplies like clippers, nasal bulb, etc.
Regular desitin or plain zinc oxide in case of diaper rash
strongly suggest a swing and a bouncy, but if you have to choose go with swing
lots of things you can get used, look like new at consignment, goodwill, or craigslist, some on freecycle
baby monitor
waterproof cover for sleeping area, suggest ‘ultimate sheet saver’ for crib, much easier than changing the fitted one
piddle pads are great for carseat, if you have ever had to take one apart, you will appreciate them
baby tylenol and mylicon, both can be generic; if you are unsure ask a pharmacist to help you…much cheaper!! Same thing…
Somewhere to change baby, i suggest a changing table with a diaper depot and a warmer from prince lionheart…saves your back, give you somewhere to store diapers, wipes, etc…
Maybe some waterproof disposable adult incontinence pads..we use them for air to bum time…
Hair brush
maybe some comfy clothes for you at first while you are recovering and in the hospital
socks/hats/mittens to keep from scratching face or you could use a pair of socks
maybe one or two outfits for baby to go out in, they dont wear them much and outgrow them quickly
if it is cold where you live u might think about a pair of soft boots for feet when going out
breast pads and some lansinoh for your nips
travel wipes case
and if you can, to keep strangers from just walking up and touching your baby, and they will!! Get a ‘mosquito/weather’ net to put over carrier, you can see in, baby can see out, but they can’t touch baby!! And they are very easy to put on and take off and fold flat for storage…
Idk what your budget is but i LOVE my baby bjorn carrier with back support and my dd does too
strongly suggest a diaper genie too, just for the poo diaps to save on refills, but it really does hold in the smell, you can’t smell anything in my dd’s nursery and sometime they are in there a while….
I am sure there is more but that is all i can think of a the moment , i am sure someone else will fill in the holes…
Oh, and a camera!!!
And cute small outfit for hospital pics and coming home!!

George asks…

What are your top ten baby items?

Right now my hubby and I are TTC and I am curious as to what mothers have on their top ten list of indispensable baby items. You know, those items that you could not live without, and keep you from tearing your hair out!
Thanks for the answers so far, but please refrain from listing “money.” That’s something we all need, lol!

Pilar Estefana answers:

Aside from the things you’re going to get anyway wipes (use cheap face washers with water instead of wipes & just wash in the machine once per week – better for Bubs bum / environment & cheaper!), clothes, car seat & other obvious items my top ten would be:

1/ Velcro swaddles (my boy busts out of anything else) –

2/ Swing (esp handy for a reflux baby – my boy’s 4months & hasn’t spent one minute in his cot!) –

3/ Rocker with vibration! –

4/ Boppy pillow –

5/ Baby Bjorn – http://www.amazon.com/BABYBJÖRN-Baby-Carrier-Synergy-Black/dp/B000XDXC4K/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=baby-products&qid=1255385831&sr=1-2

6/ A good, quick, easy, accurate thermometer (same one they use in the hospitals) –

7/ Vaporizer or humidifier –

9/ A huge nappy bag (I pack everything!) –

10/ Lamaze toys – especially the peacock, it’s great for newborn’s as the back is black & white patterns & my boy just stares at this for ages! –

& the moose is great as it has teething parts on it :)

Hope this helps & good luck with your pregnancy!


Thomas asks…

How do you dress up a newborn in the winter or cold days?

I know it might sound like a stupid question, but I have never had kids before, and haven’t grown up with babies around me either.. so I’m pretty clueless about the subject.

My baby‘s due end of February and other than the typical onesies, what else do you dress up a newborn in?

I have registered for the wearable blankets and swaddles, and for onesies.

What kind of clothes should I dress my baby in for the cold days of winter?

Thanks a lot!!

Pilar Estefana answers:

Typically, you want to do layers – especially when going out. Layering helps insulate. Usually dress your baby the way you would dress – it’s a good rule to follow. You don’t want the baby to be so bundled that they’re hot and sweaty though.
I lived in Michigan and Indiana with mine. My 3 girls were born in the summer – My son in October. I dressed my son in a onesie, warm socks, then a sleeper (I loved the cotton knit ones – like onesies but with long arms and legs – like long underwear). He always had a cotton flannel blanket too. If we went out in the cold, he wore a warm, insulated cotton knit hat with ear flaps and maybe 2-3 layers of clothing (onesie, light weight cotton knit long sleeved shirt and pants, then an outfit or jammies) and he was usually in his seat/carrier and I’d put 1-2 blankets over the carrier to keep the wind/cold out. He had a baby snowsuit too if it was very cold and I’d put mittens on his hands and bundle for outside. I never bought hard shoes when he was rreally little – he had some great leather moccasins with lambswool inside. Those were wonderful for winter weather. They were soft and insulating. He wore them if we went out and it was cold. If the car was warm, I’d make sure he wasn’t too warm – took some blankets off or unzipped his snowsuit.
Dress your baby like you dress yourself. If you need a warm coat – put a snowsuit on the baby. Keep wind off their face and keep a hat on to insulate. You’ll do fine. Babies usually don’t need more layers than anyone else – so use that as your guide. Check the baby’s temp by feeling their hands, tummy and feet every so often and you’ll know.
Hope I could help!

Donald asks…

I have a 3 month old baby who was premature, he is a happy as long as he is held,how can I get anythng done?

I have tried front carriers and slings and I find there is too much that I cannot do because of the movement restrictions. He also does not sleep unless he is held, any ideas?

Pilar Estefana answers:

Landon’s Mommy, don’t be so ignorant. A baby cannot be spoiled, especially at 3 months of age AND born premature, they don’t know how to manipulate yet.

Housework, for me, always takes a backseat to my baby. Once he’s settled and happy then I go about MY business. Like someone else suggested, have you tried swaddling him? I found at that age my son really enjoyed his swing. I also took him around the house with me in his bouncer because as long as he could see me then he was content. But, at that age, your baby may just need some extra cuddling time and that’s okay too.

Michael asks…

Any tips on the easiest way to cut my kitties’ nails? They resist, even when napping?

Don’t suggest the vet. I have worse trouble getting them in their carrier

Pilar Estefana answers:

Hi there…generally for cats who are more feisty to have their nails trimmed it’s helpful to bundle them into a towel similar how a baby is swaddled and then pull out the paw which you would like to trim the nails. Some people find that having two people involved may be easier…one to restrain while the cat is swaddled in the towel and the other person trimming the nails.

Here’s an instructional video by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine on how to easily trim a cat’s nails:

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