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Your Questions About Baby Swaddle Pillow

Ken asks…

What should I put on my baby Registry?

Im only 19 weeks pregnant but I was thinking about my baby registry.
Im not going to Register now but when i do what should I put on it?
This is my first child so i don’t want to leave anything out.

Pilar Estefana answers:

Diapers: Whether you’re going the re-usable or disposable route, you’ll need plenty on hand.
Burp cloths (fabric diapers can also double as burp cloths).
Disposable wipes. Always have a few packets on hand — this is not an item you want to run out of.Diaper rash cream
Diaper pail: Choose one that you can operate with one hand, one that uses regular garbage bags, and has an odor control system.
Diaper bag: Make sure it hangs well from your stroller handlebars.
Baby monitor
1 or 2 pacifiers, if you want to use them. Be sure to get ones labeled “newborn.”
Portable crib, commonly known as a Pack ‘n Play, for when you visit the grandparents.
Co-sleeper. It’s so nice to just reach over to nurse your baby at night. But you can easily substitute the portable crib if it’s easier.
6 bottles, including nipples: Make sure you buy nipples for newborns.
Bottle brush
Breast pump: Go for the fancy automatic double pump if you’re going back to work.
Breastfeeding pillow
Nursing pads
Lanolin lotion for sore nipples
Breast milk freezer bags or storage cups
Thermometer. The rectal kind. Don’t be freaked out — once you do it, it’s a piece of cake.
Nasal bulb syringe for clearing stuffy noses
Baby nail clipper
Alcohol swabs and bandages
Infant bath tub or seat with a newborn “sling”
Baby shampoo and cleanser
Baby lotion
2 to 3 hooded towels that let you swaddle baby post-bath
Changing table with pad (you can also covert an existing dresser by topping with a pad)
Rocking chair
ExerSaucer. You won’t use it for a few months, but once your baby hits 4 or 5 months, it will blow his little mind.
Swing or bouncy seat. The movement makes almost all babies very, very sleepy.
Activity mat (also called the baby gym)
Mobile for the crib: Think music, lights and movement. We like ones you can turn off remotely.
Mobile for the changing table: Distract your baby from the fact that his bum is cold.
Crib bumper
2 to 3 fitted crib sheets
2 waterproof mattress pads
2 or 3 changing pad covers
A rear-facing infant car seat with base. If you have two cars, you’ll need a second base.
Baby carrier and/or sling
Stroller: Baby won’t sit up for a few months, so you’ll need a Snap ‘n Go, a travel system or a model in which baby can fully recline.
A “take-me-home” outfit. Look for a set that’s cute for photos, but practical (something warm for winter or light for summer).
6 to 8 onesies, half short sleeve and half long sleeve. Choose kimono styles that don’t pull over baby’s head to cut down on screams.
5 pairs of pants
6 to 8 sleepers (aka coveralls) with built-in footies, or rompers if it’s spring or summer
5 to 6 sleeping gowns, which snap5 to 6 sleeping gowns, which snap, zip, or cinch closed at the bottom, making late-night diaper changes a breeze.
At least 3 sleeping gowns should have built-in mittens to cover fast-growing baby fingernails and avoid scratches on smooth baby skin.
1 to 3 sweater cardigans or zip hoodies, depending on the season
1 snowsuit or winter bunting (for winter babies)
1 to 2 pairs of mittens if they aren’t included in the snowsuit (for winter babies)
8 pairs of booties or socks
4 to 6 hats, including at least one sun hat
4 to 6 receiving blankets. One should be soft and thick enough to be a blankie contender; two should be thin enough for your diaper bag.
4 to 6 bibs. At least two should be waterproof. Once baby starts solids, you’ll need something you can just hose off.
Velcro swaddle. This crucial miracle item may be the key to peace in your household.
Sleep sac, for when baby outgrows the swaddle or sleep gowns, but is still too young for a blanket in the crib.

Thats pretty much EVERYTHING. You wont need all of it though (: goodluck

Ruth asks…

How do I get my newborn to sleep by herself?

My little girl is 1week old and she won’t sleep in her moses basket,she’ll cry so I put her on a seperate pillow inbetween me&my husband and she falls asleep does anyone know a way to wean her into her own bed!!!

Pilar Estefana answers:

Hi ya, I know how you feel. My son was the same and I didn’t know what to do. He would only sleep on my chest or my hubby’s. My midwife suggested that it wouldn’t hurt for the first couple of weeks (as the baby adjusted to being outside the womb) but then by about week 2 or 3 start putting the baby to sleep after a feed during the day in the bassinet. Make sure that before you put the baby in the bassinet, heat it up with a hot water bottle or wheat bag, this way your baby will stay warm and snuggly. Another thing you could do is swaddle the baby (although my son hated it so I gave up by about week 4) and put something that smells like you in the bed as well (maybe have your baby lie on a PJ top of yours.) After she sleeps in the bassinet a few times during the day start the same process at night. It will take time but I found that it was far easier and less emotionally draining than just letting my precious newborn scream and by 4 weeks he was sleeping in his own bed.
Good luck,


Thomas asks…

What are the essential baby items needed for a new baby?

I am pregnant with my first, and need to make sure I don’t forget anything.
FYI: it is twins, so what do i need two of and what can i get by with one?

Pilar Estefana answers:

Carseats (two) convertible car seats will save you A LOT
onesies, shirts, pants, dresses, socks, etc. All apparel (eight or so each make sure you have plenty of clothes for the next size or two)
I really like the Aireflow bottles a lot I’d say start with three per baby
swaddling blankets three per kid (mine hated to be swaddled after a week old)
hats and mittens three each
nail trimmer and filers,
medicine administrators i.e. Dropper or pacifier you can get a grooming baby care kit comes with hairbrush toothbrush nasal syringe KEEP THE HOSPITAL ONE THEY’RE AMAZING!
After getting a kit i’d get another tooth brush
get a gum brush for your finger
crib sheets or playpen sheets whichever
fleece blanket 2 or 4
thick flannel blankets 4
two to go changing pads changing tables are a waste you can convert a dresser top as a changing table until they roll over then just change them in a crib
u can hook up two umbrella strollers
some sort of sleeping places for both kids
small lamp for nighttime changes or feedings
dresser on large or two small
closet organizers are great for blankets just one large will do
sheet savers 2 per baby
mattress saver 2 per baby
bibs five per at least you’ll want more in two months or so when they droll
**toys are pointless in the beginning, mobiles are all they want at 2-3m**
tummy soother
baby tylenol
saline for stuffy noses
mittens for going out
bunting bag
hooded towels two per
lotion, soaps, shampoo you can never have too much
tons of diaper rash cream if your using disposables
diaper pail or trash can with lid just get one huge one
night lights
MAM pacifiers good for mouth development I’d get six
rocking chair
nursing pillow even if your not planning on breastfeeding
bouncer seat or swings one each for naps or when your taking a bath take them in the bathroom
to go wipe packs and refills
wipes unlimited (cloth are nice for big messes)
changing area
bottle brush
burp cloths 3 each
wash cloths 3 each
baby cotton swabs good for little noses and belly buttons after the cord falls off no need for alcohol
formula keep one can handy even if you plan to breastfeed
baby bath tub is recommended, but they hate it taking a bath with one at a time is much easier you can alternate every other day
crib mattress one each

for you:
nursing pads
heavy flow pads
depends for the first week
plenty of gatorade or other juice loaded with replenishing goodness especially if your plan on breastfeeding

in the hospital:
there are tons of list of all this stuff you need, but we never used any! Just bring blankets and weather appropriate clothes hats etc bring newborn size and 0-3 just incase. Bring toiletries for you and whoever else you cannot use tampons. Hair brushes and combs, 3 changes of clothes just bring maternity or draw string pants, makeup but you won’t care, socks, slippers for walking, camera, cash in bills but you get free hospital food, and your own pillow and blanket

if your not too strapped for cash the snap’n’go is amazing and they make double great for outings and you don’t have to wake up the baby just snap in the infant seats and go where ever
plenty of healthy food and easy to make

also having a medium wet bag is great for solid clothes on the go

Joseph asks…

What do you really need for the First year?

So, I am wondering what do you really need within the first year of the birth of your baby?

What things did you really find useful and what are the things you cant believe you bought?

I mean like major stuff, how many different types of strollers did you need? Did you need a play pen? Do I need an exersaucer, baby seat, swing or any thing else?

Also, What do you need to pack in the hospital bag? And, what are the MUST haves with in the first few weeks?

Thanks for your help!

Pilar Estefana answers:

A crib (if you’re short like me- one with a drop side or one that isn’t too tall)- if you can find one with wheels that can fit through your/baby’s bedroom door then you don’t need a bassinet you can just put the crib in your room and then move it to baby’s room when you’re ready to make the transition
A white noise machine or loud fan- baby spent 9months in the UBERLOUD womb listening to your heart and blood woosh, your voice talk, your lungs breathe, your tummy gurggle- she’ll/he’ll sleep better with some white noise
A sturdy and comfortable sling/wrap- I wore my baby most of the time while she was a newborn, it’s supposed to be very good for them and it’s super convenient for you- you can have your hands free to get stuff done but still be close to baby
A swing/bouncy seat- because sometimes you just don’t want to wear your baby…
A good car seat- a travel system will get you a rear facing car seat, base and stroller- then you can buy a forward facing car seat later on- OR- you can just buy a convertible car seat and use that the whole way through but I really appreciated being able to get baby in and out of the car w/o waking her up w/the travel system
A stroller- if you decide not to go with a travel system
A boppy or similar breastfeeding pillow, though in the beginning they’re so tiny you really don’t need it and can just prop them up on a regular pillow on your lap or at your side
A high chair or booster seat- high chair combo that attaches to a kitchen chair
A couple of baby spoons, sippy cups, a magic bullet or food processor (if making baby’s food- it’s easy- I recommend it!), bowls
An electric breast pump if you’ll be returning to work- otherwise a hand pump is fine
A couple of different brands of bottles/nipples at first (until you figure out what baby prefers if you’re going that route)
A couple of different types of binkies (if you want baby to have them)
2-3 lightweight cotton blankets for swaddling
Massive quantites of plain white onesies and socks- white socks are easy to match when doing laundry, both are easy to bleach post-blow out… You’ll see.
2-3 knit caps
Soft lightweight toys for when baby first starts to play with things
Sturdy wooden toys, books and a couple misc puzzles for when baby gets a little older
Cabinet locks, baby gates- to contain baby once mobile
You don’t need a changing table- it’s safer to change baby on the floor anyway- but you do need a large wide basket to hold diapers and wipes and a cloth for drying baby’s bottom
A billion burp cloths- plain white cotton- easy bleaching
A very nice luxury is a rocking chair but completely not necesscary

Hospital bag:

Birth Plan
Insurance cards and any paperwork you’ll need to completed while at the hospital
A gown for laboring in (if you’re so inclined)
Snacks and OJ for after the birth- you’ll be starving and you don’t want to rely on hospital food
** Whatever you plan to bring to help you cope with discomfort and relax during labor
2 sets of nursing pajammas (in case your stay is a little longer than expected)
Nursing bra
Nursing Pads
Maternity underwear- ones that you don’t care about b/c you’ll be throwing them out
Bathrobe if you like
Mom’s going home outfit (loose fitting- you’ll still have a tummy)
Baby’s coming home outfit
Baby nail clippers or emery board just in case (the hospital won’t provide them due to liability issues)
A heavyweight receiving blanket if the weather is cold
Cell phone and camera chargers or extra batteries
Change of clothes and toiletries for Dad/partner
A bathing suit for Dad/partner if you plan to get in the shower or tub for pain relief
A list of phone numbers of the people you want to be called following the birth

Make sure the car seat has been installed and checked for proper installation at a car seat station (usually the local police dept). The hospital is required to make sure you have a car seat but will NOT verify if it’s installed properly (again, liability issues)

The first few weeks you don’t need anything besides clothing, diapers, a couple of swaddling blankets, a “going out” full body suit w/hood if it’s cold, a car seat, crib, a sling/wrap, your boobs and a steady stream of helpers (Dad/partner will do the best they can but remember they will be exhausted too)!

Okay I hope I didn’t make your brain explode but this is almost I learned and found I needed after giving birth and the ensuing 1st year… Best wishes to you!

Helen asks…

What are the top 5 things you would say you needed the most after having your first born?

I am due in October and I am curious to know what are the top five things you would say you needed the most upon your baby arriving?

Pilar Estefana answers:




breastfeeding pillow (nice one, not peanut)

Swaddle wraps

I got everything though, I am a real first time mom, a big corporations dream lol

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