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Your Questions About Baby Swaddle Wrap

Chris asks…

Things I can do for my 7mnth old baby whos got a cold?

7 month old baby girl who’s got one of the worst colds so far. Nose is running-like dripping down her face. Eyes are red and puffy. No fever. Any “home remedies”? treatments?

Pilar Estefana answers:

My daughter gets like this once in a while. We always keep a humidifier in her room to keep the air moist. Make sure you keep her nose clean by sucking out all the stuff with a nasal aspirator/ bulb syringe. Also you can put a couple of drops of saline solution before hand and that really helps to loosen up the stuff in her sinus cavity.
*my little girl hates getting her nose sucked but if I wrap her up in a blanket like swaddle style she is much more calm and can’t fling herself around or put her hands in the way and I don’t have to really hold her down which makes her even more panicky:)
Another important thing to remember is a baby with a runny nose can easily get an ear infection, so keep her head elevated by propping her mattress up with a phone book so that the fluid doesn’t flow into her ears through her sinuses. Keep checking for a fever and if she gets diarrhea or vomiting you need to bring her to her doctor immediately. Good luck mommy.

Ken asks…

What do you buy for a newborn baby?

I would like a serious list of all the things you need to buy for a newborn. I understand that you need a cot, pram, car seat, baby bath etc, but i just want to make sure that i don’t miss anything. Also would you be able to steer away from disposable nappies and anything that isn’t organic.

Pilar Estefana answers:

A good idea Is to hold a baby shower and ask family and friends who are mums. Ask them in the invite to get what they needed in the first three months instead of clothes and toys.

I found we needed very little and had wayyy to much.

Clothes – sleep suits in 00000 (I had seven) they are only in them for a short time and you can wash them. Get most clothes in 0000
Nappys – there are some great washable ones that look like disposables and fasten easily. You will need liners for these and it’s a good idea to have a couple disposables on hand for when you venture out.
Baby/sensitive washing powder – espically if you use cloth nappies
Wipes – unsented
Rash cream – zinc based
Baby bath – soap free
Massage oil
Blankets – Muslim wraps for swaddling, something warmer like fleece or cotton for over. I had six Muslims and four warmer cottons
Clothes- for your shoulder (throw up rags)

And of course the big things – cot, cot sheets (at least three, otherwise if they throw up you have nothing to put on there) and mattress protector, change mat, baby bath, play mat or play gym, sterilizer (microwaveable are great) dummies (if you intend to use them. Great way to satisfy bub for a few minutes while you get yourself out of bed and comfy ready for feeding – or get the bottle ready if you are bottle feeding) if you are bottle feeding you need bottles, nipples sutible for newborn and start stocking up on formula now as it is expensive. If breast feeding you need breast pads for leaking, a great maternity bra and a lanolin based nipple cream for cracked nipples. Also a good stock of maternity pads (you change them fairly often so I would say around six packets of ten)

Don’t forget you can always send dad/or grandma or next door neighbour if you have to out for anything you need.
I worked in a chemist and had many dads coming in with hasitly scribbled notes LOL

Bub doesn’t need much – somewhere to sleep, bath and bottom changed and plenty of love. Congrats and enjoy xx

Mary asks…

Need some help? Could someone please give me a huge list of baby supplies that my friend will need for new one?

I am making a list for my friend. I need a list of baby supplies that her new daughter will need before she comes. I need also the quantity of how many she will need for example 5- onesies. Please can you help me. The one who gives me the most effective list will receive the best answers. Thanks for the help.

Pilar Estefana answers:

5-10 onesies. Some babies leak poop, pee, vomit/spit up… They aren’t that expensive and it is nice when you don’t have to worry about doing a load of laundry in the midst of feedings, changings, trying to sleep!!!

If she is breastfeeding she may want to invest in a pump, but this isn’t neccessary for the first few weeks. I wouldn’t buy formula in this case because usually the hospital will give you a few packets of one have in case the baby needs to be supplemented on it. If she buys one brand, but the hospital has to use another, it will be to hard on the baby to switch when she gets home.. The hospital will give her enough to last a few days until someone can run out and buy her the kind she needs.

If she is not breastfeeding then have her ask her Dr. What kind of formula they will have and what kind she should buy and have some at home! Along with 2-4 small bottles. The baby probably wont drink more than 4oz. At once for the first few weeks.

Pacifier!!! (2-4) They are lifesavers! And very comforting for the baby (plus they do help jaw development!) Make sure to have a few though… They spit them out when your not looking (on the way to the car, on the floor and it rolls under the couch and the babies crying and you can’t find it!) so have a few on hand!

Diapers for newborns, with the bellybutton hole cut out of them. They usually come this way. I would have two packs.

Lots of wipes!! A pack or two. Babies first poop is REALLY sticky… Like tar. Sometimes you will go through a lot of these cleaning them off. Especially with a baby girl, there are a lot more folds and creases to deal with!

Blankies! One or two packs of recieving blankets. One would prob. Be ok (there are usually 3 to a pack) but once again, the laundry thing. These are great for everything from useing as burp cloths to rolling up to prop the baby so she is comfortable while sleeping.

A good size blanket that she can use to wrap/swaddle the baby. Not to think… Cotton is good. Fleece can make the baby way to hot.

Baby mitten things. They seem silly sometimes, but when babies are born their nails can be really long and they can scratch their faces. She might not be comfortable cutting them for a day or two so the mits can keep them from scratching themselves.

Socks (3 pairs)- in case feet are cold.

A long pants long sleeve outfit. (pajamas) about three. (laundry thing again.) You don’t want to have loose blankets covering the baby when she is sleeping in case of suffocation, but she should be warm. The rule is one more layer on the baby then you are wearing to be comfortable.

Something that plays music, stuffed toy/mobile anything… When they are crying sometimes they just want to hear some soft soothing music. Lullaby’s are nice but sometimes something that isn’t mom is nice.

Johnsons baby soap, powder, and lotion. – She won’t need a bath right away, but when she does that soap can be used on hair and body. The powder can be for sweaty neck wrinkles, and bottoms.. And the lotion for anywhere that looks dry. Newborn skin can be very dry/scaley.

*a super soft baby hair brush often sold in a kit with the lotion in stuff is nice to use on cradle cap or scaley skin. Its enough to clean the baby but so gentle that it doesn’;t irritate their sensitive skin.

A basinet/pack and play/crib/cradle- whatever she wants the baby to sleep in. It is different for everyone. Something safe and secure.

That is pretty much it i think. Sleeping-eating-pooping-cleaning… That is about all they do for a month. These things and their mommy is all they need! Good luck to you and your friend!!!

Thomas asks…

How to help a 3 month old sleep without swaddling her?

My daughter is 3 months and if I dont wrap her up tightly when she sleeps she kicks her legs and waves her arms around like crazy and wont sleep. Just curious when do they gain more control of their limbs? Is there another way I can get her to sleep without swaddling, I dont like doing it when the weather is warm but she wont sleep if i dont do it. Is it normal and should I just keep doing it until she stops kicking around and gains a bit more control?

Pilar Estefana answers:

My daughter retained her startle reflex until she was 6 months old, and we struggled with the sleeping a lot. She learned to roll when she was just 9 weeks, so we had to stop swaddling for safety reasons. I finally heard about a sleep sack called the Peke Moe. It’s basically like a pillow case that zips at the bottom and has a head hole at the top. Lots of people said it helped their babies transition out of swaddling. We tried it, and my daughter loved it! It’s really not tight at all, so it’s not much like swaddling. But their hands are covered with loose fabric, and my daughter seems to find it reassuring to grab on to the cloth. She’s 8 months old now and still loves it. I was really worried that she’d have a hard time transitioning to napping at day care last month, but we just brought her Peke Moe and she settled right down.

The Peke Moe is made by some women in New Zealand. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but the price includes international shipping, and we received it promptly. I’m not sure it would have helped when my baby still had a strong startle reflex, but it worked really well when she was about 6 months old.

Michael asks…

How can I comfortable wrap my newborn in a blanket?

In the hospital, they have a certain way of wrapping a newborn baby while it is still in the nursery. Can anyone help me learn this technique. please.

Pilar Estefana answers:

Here are a couple of guides: http://pregnancy.about.com/od/newbornbabies/ss/swaddle.htm

Lay a blanket on a flat surface and fold down the top-right corner about 6 inches.

• Place your baby on his back with his head on the fold.

• Pull the corner near your baby’s left hand across his body, and tuck the leading edge under his back on the right side under the arm.

• Pull the bottom corner up under your baby’s chin.

• Bring the loose corner over your baby’s right arm and tuck it under the back on his left side. If your baby prefers to have his arms free, you can swaddle him under the arms. This gives him access to his hands and fingers.

Just make sure to keep the blanket away from the baby’s face.

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