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Your Questions About Baby Swaddlers

Susan asks…

What’s the best diaper for a chunky legged 4 month old baby who weighs about 16 pounds?

I use pampers baby dry size 3 right now and they squish her legs and leave marks…

Pilar Estefana answers:

I like Pampers Swaddlers (and then Cruisers when they get bigger). They have stretch side tabs and seem like they would be most comfortable. My daughter, too, is very “robust” in the legs. Huggies always seem so stiff.

Ken asks…

What should I buy for my coming baby?

I have a list of things but I just can’t think of everything! I have car seat, crib, and baby tub. What else should I get? It’s my first child and I want to make sure my list is complete!
Oh yeah, I’m going to go ahead and say Thank you to everyone who contributes to my list. your really helping this future mother out and I appreciate it very much!

Pilar Estefana answers:

Don’t forget the swaddlers (babiesrus) and sleep sacks, oneies and pacifers, bottles, breast pump, hats, mittens so he or she won’t scratch their face (bring with to hospital) my friend’s son has a scar on his check from where he scratched his face when he was like an hour old. Plus you need blankets, socks, newborn diapers get huggies they have a cut-out for the cord. Diaper bag, medcine for fevers and gas, burb rags, booties, don’t forget to get a headrest thing if his seat didn’t come with one, even if it did take it to the store and compare it to the size of the other one’s if it is way bigger which it usually is get a smaller one they can’t hold their heads up yet and look really uncomfortable when they don’t have a small enough one. Always bring a jacket with you places babies have a hard time keeping their heat regular so he or she may need one. Hope that helps.

William asks…

How to include baby in established budget?

We have been on a good budget for a year. We like to “guestimate” what we’ll spend in each month, and we keep track of our spending on a spreadsheet. We break everything up into categories (groceries, auto/fuel, pets, utilities, morgatage, student loans, etc). I have this spreadsheet all set up so that it automatically calculates our savings based on our net income. It works GREAT…But it’s a little difficult for me to “guestimate” how much a baby will cost per month, and with that, trying to decide how much we can afford in the coming year to update our home/buy a new home. Help me out a little, so that I can tweek our budget to accomidate baby (who arrives in June!)

We plan to breastfeed as long as possible.
We plan to use/buy generic brand diapers. We’re willing to buy in bulk over the net or at Sams Club.
We are set up for baby for the first month already.
Plan to buy cloths from Kolhs

Give us an estimate for monthly total costs, break down in categories.
Monthly Baby Spending:
Diapers $40 ?
Clothing $100?
Baby food after 4-6 months $50?
Day care- set for $300 +/- with S-I-L
Dr. Appointments with $20 copay -$40?


Pilar Estefana answers:

First of all I think its great that you are budgeting for the costs of a baby. I would put in the budget money for formula in case there is a problem w/ breast feeding. I planned to breast feed and couldn’t so that was an added expense. Also plan on budgeting for a breastpump too. Generic diapers are ok, but I would also plan on the namebrand ones. We tried three different kinds of diapers before we settled on pampers swaddlers for the first 2 months then switched to luvs. He leaked awful out of any others. Luvs is pretty cheap actually.
Your clothing allowance is way too much! If this is your first you will get lots of gifts from family and friends. My son is 7 months old and I’ve only spent $100 on clothes all together! The most expensive things you’ll have to buy is a crib, a pack n play, an exersaucer, a stroller, a carseat. Here is a budget to go on:
Diapers: $45
Food after 4 months: $100/ month
clothes: $30
babysitting: 2 nights out/ month $30

Good Luck with everything!

Mary asks…

Is it ok to continue swaddling 3 month old baby?

We have a 3 month old baby who fusses alot at night and has a hard time falling asleep. He needs to be swaddled to fall and stay asleep. Is it ok to continue swaddling him at this age and beyond? I am afraid that he will never be able to fall asleep with his arms and body free (he still gets startled easily which wakes him). Also, I am concerned that continuing to swaddle him might be restricting his growth and development. Any knowledgable/experienced advice welcome.

Pilar Estefana answers:

No, you are not restricting his growth. As long as you are not swaddling him all day long in addition, his growth will be fine. It is okay to swaddle him at 3 months.. Many people do it until 5-6 months. Just make sure he is swaddled very tight and doesn’t come lose during the night.. Maybe get one of the velcro swaddlers… We use the Boppy swaddler for our son during the night and keep him free during the day. Best wishes.

Steven asks…

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without when your baby was born?

I’d love to hear what one (or more) thing (or things) you parents absolutely loved during your child’s newborn weeks and the first year. I’m thinking about my baby list and registry. Thanks!
@Andrew: what exactly do you mean? Like, earplugs for dad? Yeah, um, that’s not gonna work in our family. We’re taking turns getting the baby.

Pilar Estefana answers:

My twins nursing pillow. I only use it for them one at a time, but if I was stuck on a desert island with them and could only bring one thing… That would be it.

Although without diapers it would get pretty stinky.

You can’t take them home without a car seat of course.

For toys the doorway jumper KILLS SLAUGHTERS DESTROYS and ANNIHALATES all other toys. My guys are 5 months and been rocking out on them for 2 months.

ONLY the Graco is worth getting. I got the Evenflo – SUCKS. Worthless in comparison.

Graco doorway jumper cost $30, but worth $300 for fun.

I have all the stuff, all the toys, everything. For toys, Graco doorway jumper. I feel sorry for babies who don’t have them.

I got the slings, I got the baby bjorns, I have the infant swings, bumbos, boppys, activity mat (okay, that one is IMPORTANT), I have 3 strollers, I have lots of bottles, pacifiers etc. Gotta go with nursing pillow for feeding and for toys that doorway jumper.

I use prefolds and thirsties cloth diapers to. Much Much cheaper than disposables. For cloth get those, but if not using cloth that’s fine to.

I change my guys on a waterproof mat on the floor. It is 1000 times better than a changing table. Because we do naked tummy time, play with them before and after changing… We do tons of floor time, and just change a diaper while we are down there.

I didn’t have much help with the cleaning. Would have been great, but everyone who came to help me wanted to give them a bottle instead of helping me clean but I was breastfeeding so had to constantly tell them (my mom mostly) no. *sigh* Yes, help cleaning would have been nice.

Oh wait, an infant scale. I found that reduced my worries when breastfeeding. If you start to doubt your supply etc. You just weigh the baby and make sure they are gaining properly. Well worth the money. Pillow trumps it, but it is still a great thing to have for $30 from amazon.com. It also is a standing toddler scale for when they get bigger. Regular scales don’t weight things less than 50 pounds very accurately, and infants not at all!

The best gift I got was my double electric breast pump… And the Kiddopotamus swaddlers! That is a tie actually. No, swaddlers win. Those velcro swaddlers will give you an extra couple hours of sleep or so a night. You want those very very much. Just 1 is fine. Costs about $12.

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